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Manchester Airport Taxi Transfers See An Increase In Complaints

Posted on : 12-04-2015 9:11

Manchester Airport Taxi Complaints On The Rise

Waiting for a Manchester Airport TaxiPeter Kay is famous for his joke where he says everyone asks the Taxi driver if they have been busy. Ok, it is funny and yes a lot of people, when they get into a taxi, do ask that question. But one thing Peter Kay has not mentioned, is the famous saying taxi companies have, your taxi is just around the corner!

Just Around the Corner!

If you have experienced a taxi controller telling you the taxi is just around the corner then you will understand what I mean. But it seems some taxi controllers tell you this before you even let them know your details or where you are going.

What is not a joke is the increase in the number of complaints Taxi companies are receiving on their Manchester Airport transfer service, and it is not just Manchester companies.

Taxi For Manchester Airport

It seems more passengers are finding some taxi companies are letting them down when it comes to taking them to Manchester Airport. According to reports, some taxis are arriving up to 40 minutes late while other taxis are not turning up at all. Going on holiday is supposed to be a relaxing experience, getting away for a week or two with the family or friends. However, imagine sat there waiting for a taxi that is late or does not turn up, that is not a great start to the holiday.

Some passengers are reporting they are late for check-in due to the lateness of some services while others do not understand why a taxi transfer to Manchester Airport is so expensive. That is why travel experts are advising people using Manchester Airport and other airports in the UK to take their own car, and it is not just for reliability.

It has to be said however, that there will be many very reliable taxi firms in the Manchester area who do not let customers down.

Airport Parking vs Airport Taxi

When taking your car to the airport and parking it at an Airport car park, it can be more reliable and cheaper when using our Manchester Airport Car Parking comparison website at

Our website compares all the prices available to bring you the best price. As well as being more reliable and being cheaper, by taking your car to Manchester Airport and parking it in a car parking facility, you know while you are on holiday the car is safe and secure. The last thing you want to do when you arrive back from holiday is to be told that your car has been stolen from outside of your home.

So the next time you are on the phone and hear those words when you are rushing to Manchester Airport, ‘the taxi is just around the corner’, think how much better it would be to drive yourself to the airport.

In conclusion we guess it all really mainly depends on a few things :

1. How far from the airport you live, the further away the more a taxi will cost.

2. Are there any reliable alternative means of transport to the airport such as busses or trains.

3. How confident are you about leaving your car at home.

Quick Tip

If you do decide to take a taxi to the airport, ask for it to arrive an hour or half an hour before you actually need it. Waiting at the airport an extra hour or so has got to be better than stressing at home thinking you’re never going to get there on time!

Manchester Airport Car ParksManchester Airport Car Parking

For people wishing to avoid delays in getting to the airport and would like a cheaper option and a more reliable option, where their car is safe in a secure car park at Manchester Airport, please visit