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Many Young UK Travellers Do Not Take Out Travel Insurance

Posted on : 04-02-2016 4:33

Nearly Half Of Young Travellers Fail To Buy Travel Insurance.

48% of 15 to 24-year-olds go away on holiday totally uninsured… Don’t be one of them!

For some reason young travellers feel they are a superhero, like Batman, Superman or my favourite Spiderman.

However, they are not and they need to understand they are just as likely to suffer from an injury on holiday as older travellers if not more.

Don’t Ignore Travel Insurance

Young travellers like to save as much money as they can while going on holiday; let’s face it, a lot of them like to save it for beer, especially if they are going away for a stag weekend. But saving on holiday insurance is not a good idea it’s a bad idea.

If someone has an accident on holiday and have not taken out insurance then it could cost from a small fortune to an amount that could make them cry.

There have been many reports in the media where young travellers have gone away on holiday and have been left with a medical bill for over £40,000, a medical bill that would have been covered under an insurance policy as low as £20.

Hospital Bed Abroad Per Night

If we forget about the medical bill for a moment and forget about medical treatment and look at the cost of a hospital bed per night, then it will help you understand why it’s so important to purchase travel insurance.

A hospital bed can be and most of the time are more expensive than a top hotel room for the night. The price does not include meals and remember; it doesn’t include any medical treatment.

So let’s look at some of the most expensive hospital beds for the night and the average cost of travel insurance for that country, and see if it would convince you to buy travel insurance.

Destination       Hospital Bed Per Night               Average Cost Of Travel Insurance

Singapore                       £430                                                           £35

USA                                   £362                                                           £49

Hong Kong                    £347                                                           £36

Netherlands                  £323                                                           £25

Spain                                £234                                                           £20

As you can see, the average cost of a hospital bed for the night is much more than the cost of a hotel room, and on many occasions can be more expensive than the holiday.

Imagine, you have to spend seven nights in a hotel bed in Spain, that is £1638 just for the bed. That does not include transportation, food, or medical bills.

Other Areas Where Travel Insurance Helps

Another thing to remember, if you have missed your flight, then you have to pay for a new flight, and if the hospital has said you need a special flight and you need to be escorted by a medical trained person, then that could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

In Conclusion

Some people have been forced to sell their homes to pay for the medical bills, while others have had to turn to their parents for the money, but is the stress really worth it, when an insurance policy can cost from as little as £20 or even less?

If you are a young traveller and are thinking about going on holiday without travel insurance, then ask yourself a question, could you afford to pay a few thousand pounds to stay in a hospital bed?
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