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New Caribbean Underwater Hotel

Posted on : 13-02-2016 6:05

Would You Like To Take A Holiday In An Underwater Hotel?

First we had Richard Branson wanting to send people into space for a different type of holiday, and now we have Tony Webb, a designer who has just received USA Patent and Trademark approval for a luxury underwater hotel.

For people who are fed up of going to a hotel abroad and sitting by the pool then this could just be the perfect holiday for you. The underwater hotel will let you see what it is like to live under the water in the Caribbean. You will be able to explore all the wonderful wildlife while having your meal.

The hotel will be 28 feet under water, and as you may imagine, it will not be cheap to stay there. It will cost an incredible £1.9 million for a single unit although Tony has not said if the cost is for all the meals and drinks. The hotel will have 12 rooms and is available to purchase for just £13.2 million.

Tony Webb, said: “I refer to it as inner space tourism, and the new industry is now ready to launch into the ocean frontier.

“Meanwhile, the philanthropic goal is to give back to the planetary community through Biorock coral reef restoration of the world’s endangered coral reefs.

“We have selected a superior international location for our test site for the single unit hotel, and once the permit is issued, then the count-down clock begins.”

“We will offer an opportunity to be part of the inner space tourism industry to every Caribbean island nation, too,” he added.

“All they have to do is approve a mooring location for the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel single unit with elevator. We will provide the protection, management and expansion of the most fascinating hotels on the planet.”

Although it is still in the planning stage, we could find in the future that more hotels are being built underwater.

Underwater Rooms and Suites Available Now

There are already some underwater rooms and suites you can book. Probably one of the best is Atlantis the Palm, Dubai. As you may already know.. they are not cheap!
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