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November Holiday Price Increases

Posted on : 17-09-2015 12:46

Consumers Disappointed At Price Increase On November Holidays Abroad

Holiday Prices Increase
November is normally a great time of the year to get away from the rat race and have a nice week’s holiday abroad.

The children have gone back to school after their term break, travel agents are no longer charging rip-off prices knowing if parents want to take their children abroad, they have to go when the schools are closed.

But this year is different.

Normally you can get a great deal to destinations like Benidorm in the first week of November.

But it seems either the travel agents computer systems are malfunctioning or the travel agents are trying to claw money lost during a troubled 2015.

Benidorm Price Watching

After watching the prices for holidays in Benidorm, we have noticed there are hardly any cheap deals at the moment. In July, there were holidays to Benidorm for around £650 for two people all-inclusive. Now, the prices are in the region of £930, which is an increase of £280.

Now, obviously some people may look at these figures and say something along the lines of “We managed to get a great deal”, and that’s great but we are talking generally.

We know there will always be some kind of deal to be had. However, we’re saying that there’s quite a big drop in these deals across the board.

Consumer Comments

A lot of consumers are not happy about the increase and asking questions of why the price of a November holiday has risen in price. Many believe travel agents are trying to grab back the money they have lost this year and feel it is wrong to take it out on the consumer.

Thomson Comments

We did ask Thomson, why their prices were increasing, and they replied “We have a flexible pricing policy, where our prices can go up and down depending on market conditions & competitors price.”

Some travel experts believe travel agents will be left with a large number of unsold holidays for November unless they take action and reduce them.

Survey Results

We have spoken to a large number of consumers who go away in November, and some feel let down. Many have said due to the price increases they may avoid the high street travel agents and book holidays with hotels direct.

That’s not good news for the high street travel agents, but with the high prices they only have themselves to blame.

After saying that it has to be noted that travel agents watch competitor pricing and booking levels very carefully, so if they start to see a significant drop in sales compared to previous years then We would expect them to act quickly.
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