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Pack The Right Things For Your Next Cruise Holiday

Posted on : 21-03-2016 2:40

What To Pack On A Cruise Holiday

Cruise holidays are a great way to relax and an exciting way to see the world, but even today, cruise holidays are still a mystery to many. A lot of people due to the lack of information on what cruise life is like have been put off from booking a holiday with a difference.

Many still believe cruise holidays are for the rich and famous, but that could not be further from the truth. They have become more affordable and take you to different destinations around the world.

One of the problems when booking a cruise holiday is understanding what you should pack, so here at UK Airport Car Parks we have put together some tips on what you should put in your suitcase for a great cruising holiday.

Once you get on board the ship, your luggage can take some time to be delivered to your cabin so it’s important to have essentials in your hand luggage. It should include travel documents, passports, medicines, and if you are taking children with you, items to keep them occupied. Taking a change of clothing with you is also a good idea, especially if you have travelled a long distance to get to the ship.

What Clothing To Pack For On Board The Ship

It is important when you have booked your cruise holiday to find out about the dress code. You need to know if there is a formal dress code for dinner, or if they have formal dining evenings. If they do, then this will may mean suits for men and a smart outfit for women.

Most ships will not allow you to go to the restaurants during the day wearing shorts or swimwear. Some may allow longer city shorts or walking shorts but shorts that you may wear going to the beach or the gym are not allowed. You can wear jeans as long as they are smart but scruffy jeans are not allowed.

Have a look at where the cruise holiday is taking you, this can be very important when it comes to knowing what to wear on deck. If you are only going to hot countries, then you don’t need to worry about packing a lot of jumpers and warm wear, but you should pack at least one jumper just in case.

But, if you are going to colder countries then it is important to pack cold weather clothes.

Clothing for Going on Shore

Packing for Cruise Ship HolidayIt is important that you pack the appropriate clothing for when you want to go on shore. Have a look at what the weather is like for the season you are travelling. The last thing you want to do is to pack warm clothing that will not be used.

When travelling to hot countries, pack the type of clothing you would when visiting countries like Spain. So, shorts, short dresses, t-shirts. Generally, pack light summer clothing. However, it’s always important no matter what type of cruise holiday you go on to pack a light coat or rain jacket.

Make sure when packing footwear you pack comfortable shoes. You will need walking shoes, flip flops, and a nice pair of trainers. If you plan to go on day trips such as hiking, then it is important you pack suitable footwear.


If you are taking a lot of electronic devices with you, then it is important to pack a four-way extension plug. There are not a lot of plug sockets in your cabin, so a four-way extension plug will become an important item.
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