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Holidays Could Be Affected If UK Leaves The EU

Posted on : 29-02-2016 1:53

Four Ways Life Could Change For Holidaymakers If We Leave The EU There have been lots of talks recently about leaving the EU and staying in the EU but what does it all mean Most people will have heard the term Brexit an abbreviation of British exit in the news recently but how many people truly understand the implications of ...

Price Rise for Spanish Holidays due to Turkish Security Issues

Posted on : 25-02-2016 11:15

Spain Holidays Increase In Price As People Put Off Holidays To Turkey It has been reported that holidays to Turkey are down by due to security worries which has left travel agents and flight companies counting their losses TUI Group Findings According to the TUI Group they have seen a drop in the number of people booking holidays in Turkey ...

Tackling Fear of Flying – A Different Approach

Posted on : 22-02-2016 4:09

TFT - A Different Approach to Tackling a Fear of Flying Recently we wrote a new section to our website dedicated to fear of flying You can view it here On the page we wrote about the various causes of this phobia We also mentioned some of the more regular therapies designed to try and resolve this problem such as ...

Travel Bosses Warn Against Leaving The EU

Posted on : 20-02-2016 6:36

Flights And Holiday Could Become More Expensive If We Leave The EU Says Travel Chiefs Travel Chiefs have come out in force to warn that leaving the EU could be a huge mistake According to those experts if we decide to vote to leave the EU then flight prices and holiday prices could become expensive Report Findings According to a ...

Genuine Child Friendly Places To Stay On Holiday

Posted on : 17-02-2016 4:17

Away with the Kids for a Truly Child Friendly Getaway If you have kids and have been away on holiday with them we re sure you will have at some time ended up in a resort hotel villa cottage b amp b etc which just wasn t child friendly Don t despair there just happens to be two very clever ...

DCC Psychology Services Tackle Fear of Flying

Posted on : 17-02-2016 1:51

Dynamic Change Consultants Helping You To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying Aerophobia or as it s more commonly know quot fear of flying quot affects approximately in people to one degree or another Some people simply refuse to ever fly whereas others do fly but find it very hard to cope with their internal feeling of fear Sufferers symptoms can ...