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Ryanair’s Excellent Priority Boarding Service

Posted on : 15-02-2016 2:38

Ryanair Priority Boarding Is Worth Every Penny I have to admit in the past I have never been a fan of paying extra when it comes to going on holiday I mean Thomson charge you if you want to sit next to family members which is a bit of a joke I could understand it if they charged you if ...

New Caribbean Underwater Hotel

Posted on : 13-02-2016 6:05

Would You Like To Take A Holiday In An Underwater Hotel First we had Richard Branson wanting to send people into space for a different type of holiday and now we have Tony Webb a designer who has just received USA Patent and Trademark approval for a luxury underwater hotel For people who are fed up of going to a ...

The Eagle 2 Lifter for Disabled Air Travellers

Posted on : 08-02-2016 1:14

All UK Airports Should Use The Eagle Lifter Says Disabled Disabled Let us be honest for a minute how many people at a UK airport think about disabled passengers when travelling abroad for their holiday in the sun But did you know that around of the UK s adult population has some form of disability and that figure is set ...

Many Young UK Travellers Do Not Take Out Travel Insurance

Posted on : 04-02-2016 4:33

Nearly Half Of Young Travellers Fail To Buy Travel Insurance of to -year-olds go away on holiday totally uninsured Don t be one of them For some reason young travellers feel they are a superhero like Batman Superman or my favourite Spiderman However they are not and they need to understand they are just as likely to suffer from an ...

Drink Four Pints Less A Week And Pay For Your Holiday

Posted on : 03-02-2016 12:07

Cut Down Alcohol Intake By Four Pints A Week And Pay For A Holiday Benidorm the home of the popular ITV comedy show and a place where million tourists visit each year has become very loved by the UK holidaymaker However a holiday to Benidorm on average costs around for two Full Board But what if I told you that ...

Travelling Through UK Airports With Pets

Posted on : 02-02-2016 12:42

Travelling from UK Airports with your Pets For those planning to relocate abroad it seems there are millions of things to do and sort out It may be onerous enough a task organising travel for all the family members without the realisation that you have to find out what to do if you are planning to take your pet with ...