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Park Mark – What Exactly Does It Mean?

Posted on : 14-02-2015 10:02

Park MarkPark Mark & Airport Car Parks?

We constantly hear the words “Park Mark” (well, a least in the parking industry) and as soon as it’s mentioned in association to an airport car park, we, in the industry seem to treat it as two magic words which should be translated to “Don’t worry about your car”!

So here at UKACP we thought we’d dig a bit deeper into just what it means for a car park to receive the “Park Mark Award” and just what it means to you.

 What is the Park Mark Award?

The Park Mark Safer Parking Scheme is an initiative of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO/S). It’s aim is to reduce crime and the fear of crime in UK parking facilities. Any car park which shows the Park Mark award have met stringent requirements.

How do car parks receive this award?

The car parks must have several different procedures and security features in place. These features include CCTV, Security fencing, Exit/entry barriers, Floodlights & Regular patrols. Car parks do not have to have all of these features in place as some consideration is given to the general location of the car park for example. However, to achieve this prestigious award parking operators need to also have clear signage to help drivers and pedestrians navigate the car park safely.

All car park operators are bi annually surveyed by the Park Mark Association as well as car park users.

Exact requirements

Exactly how stringent these requirements are we don’t know as obviously the exact requirements of the Park Mark association are not displayed on their website. Click here to take a look. However, we think it’s safe to assume that they do a really thorough job and if a car park has CCTV or barrier control or even manned patrols then this would be easy for anybody to spot!

CCTVWhat do we think this means to the safety of you and your car?

It has to be safe to assume that everybody would prefer to park in a car park which has the Park Mark award, it shows that they are serious about customer safety and car security.

Plus any company with an eye on customer care can only be a good thing and would surely make you feel that little bit better about leaving your car with them.

We think that car parks with the Park Mark award are definitely more secure.

We think that car parks with the Park Mark award are a safer environment for users.

We think that car parks with the Park Mark award deter thieves.

We think that given that the Park Mark award is an initiative from the Association of Chief Police Officers you can be assured that any car park will have to jump through so many hoops before they become accredited!


Take time when booking your airport parking and definitely look out for the Park Mark award sign. It really does make a difference! Also bear in mind that a car park with the Park Mark award sign does NOT put the price up!

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