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Passengers Fear For Their Lives As Plane Door Opens In Mid Flight

Posted on : 28-04-2015 12:20

Aeroplane Door Opens In Mid FlightDoor Opens In Mid Flight!

Passengers on board SkyWest Flight 5622 feared for their lives as their plane nosedived 18,000 feet in three minutes when a door opened in mid-flight.

The plane was forced to make the emergency nosedive for the safety of the passengers. As the plane took emergency action, some passengers started to pass out. However, although the plane dived from 28,000 feet to 10,000 in just three minutes, according to passengers on board the oxygen masks were not dropped.

Frightened Passengers

One passenger said after the incident: “We were all told to just keep breathing, and as we were told to keep breathing, we suddenly went into a nose dive.

And that rapid descent was incredibly scary. It really felt that we were diving down uncontrollably.”

The SkyWest flight from Chicago was scheduled to land in Hartford, Connecticut but landed at Buffalo, New York where it was met by emergency services including Ambulances.

Airline Comment

In a twist to the incident, a spokeswoman for the airline denied there was a problem with the plane’s door or air pressure.

Possible Safety Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board said they are aware of the incident but as yet have not opened an investigation and was waiting for more information.
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