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PM Says Term Time Holidays Are Damaging Kids Education

Posted on : 20-07-2015 9:30

Family School Term Holiday Ban

Prime Minister Tells Tourism Leaders Parents Damage Children’s Education With Term Time Holidays

Every since the school term holiday ban was brought in where parents are fined for taking their children out of school, tens of thousands of parents have been fined. Some councils have called the ban unfair while the Local Government Association says the new rules do not recognise the complexities of family life.

Although some head teachers and councils are against the ban, the term holiday ban still stands and continues to make the government money.

Prime Minister’s Comments

David Cameron, who tried to be liked during the General Election, said he felt for parents who suffered due to the school term holiday ban. Parents hoped with the remark he may during his second term look at the ban again and make it fairer.

However, he has now told tourism leaders in Cornwall that parents damage their children’s education by taking them on holiday during term time. So it seems the Prime Minister has done a Harry Potter and pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and parents will continue to suffer.

Tourism Industry Speaks Out

Tourism bosses in the UK have told the so-called man of the people how his school term holiday ban is damaging their industry. He was told that fewer holidays were being sold and how it could affect jobs and the tourism industry in the UK as a whole.

A spokesman for Tourism Society West country said, “The problem has cost West Country tourism £87 million.”

But it seems words coming from experts who know how much a loaf of bread costs in a supermarket and know how much the national living wage is, count for nothing. It seems a little thing like businesses losing money and parents being unable to afford a family holiday will not change his mind.

A Typical Family Perspective

Susan Miles from Doncaster said: “I am a single parent so being able to afford a family holiday does cause me problems. With the holiday ban in place it means I am paying more for a holiday than I would if I were allowed to take my children out of school.”

Some Teacher Views

Some teachers have said the holiday ban is not working and feel it should be looked at again. Other teachers have said a week’s holiday does not affect a child’s education and could improve their education.


One thing is for sure; the people for and against the term time holiday ban agree travel companies are taking advantage by increasing their prices when children are off school. If the government thought about the holiday ban properly and discussed it with travel companies to stop them pricing poorer parents out of the market, then fewer parents would ignore the ban.

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