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PM Suggests Leaving EU Could End Cheap Flights.

Posted on : 05-11-2015 4:29

David Cameron Says Leaving The EU Could End Cheap Flights

Cheap FlightsThe Prime Minister, who is desperately trying to convince people to vote to stay in the EU, has yet again possibly used a scare tactic to get the votes he needs.

David Cameron, has warned if we leave the EU then it could result in the prices of flights increasing.

The PM has said we need to focus on the benefits of Brussels.

Referendum On EU Membership

David Cameron, who said a referendum will be held by the end of 2017, warned voters that holidays could become more expensive if the UK left the EU.

He claims the British people have never had it so good, and flights from the UK have become some of the cheapest in the world.

The PM was quoted as saying, “The availability of cheap air travel in Europe have probably been among the biggest changes we have seen in the past 20 years.”

Unfounded Claims

Some business experts have said there is no foundation for David Cameron to claim cheap flights will be a thing of the past if people vote to leave the EU.

While MPs who are campaigning to leave the EU have said, this is just another scare tactic for David Cameron to fool people into believing we need to stay in the EU.

EasyJet Claim Same As PM

Cheap flight airline EasyJet has claimed quitting the EU would see an end to cheap flights from the UK around the world, but are they just trying to scare people into voting no to leaving the EU?

EasyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall claims leaving the EU would be bad for Britain and the businesses in the UK. She told BBC’s Today programme: “ Airlines benefit from EU-wide agreements. Being part of Europe allows freedom of movement in flying, and it allows the low fares.”

Some campaigners who believe the UK should leave the EU claim Carolyn McCall is just trying to scare the voter into voting to stay in the UK.

They have said there is no proof it would damage the travel industry or make flights and holidays more expensive.

Have Your Say

Let me know what you think on our official Facebook page. Do you think that cheap flights will be a thing of the past if we leave the EU, or do you think David Cameron is just putting his party’s spin on things?
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