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Police Leave Live Dynamite At Airport

Posted on : 31-08-2015 10:11

U.S. Police Leave Live Dynamite At Airport After Training Exercise

LAX AirportGranted this is an old story which was due for posting on 4th May 2015 but we thought it worth repeating.

It seems some of the Los Angeles police officers are as forgetful as David Cameron. However, although it was a bit embarrassing David Cameron forgetting what the living wage was in and outside of London, it was not as serious as leaving live dynamite at a Los Angeles Airport.

High Alert

At a time when America was on high alert due to possible terrorist attacks, it seems Los Angeles Police could have given the terrorists an early Christmas present.

Police Training Exercise

According to reports, after a training exercise at Los Angeles International Airport, a live stick of dynamite was accidentally left on an old plane, which is based at the airport museum. It was not a case of leaving something behind and quickly going back to get it; the live dynamite was left on the plane for four days.

The stick of dynamite was found by workers at the airport who immediately reported it to the authorities.

L.A. Police Comments

An official tried to play down the incident, saying although the dynamite was live, it would have needed a detonator to make it dangerous. Well, it seems that’s ok then, not sure what all the panic was about!

Sgt. Belinda Joseph, a spokeswoman, said airport police are investigating and have notified the Transportation Security Administration.
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