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Post Office Cheapest Winter Sun Destinations

Posted on : 02-10-2015 8:35

The Cheapest Holiday Destinations For Winter Sun

Cheapest Winter Sun Holiday DestinationsWhen the winter kicks in most people, think about getting away for a week in the sun but nobody wants to pay over the odds for a holiday.

It is not just about the price of the holiday people need to take into account; it is also about how much things will cost when you get there.

Winter Sun Survey

Recently, Post Office Travel Money issued results from a survey of winter holiday destinations that offer holidaymakers value for money. The Post Office looked at 33 destinations where they looked at the prices of drinks, sun cream, meals and other products.

The list of products that the survey was based on was:
Cup of coffee
Bottle of beer/lager
Can of Coke/Pepsi
Glass of wine
Small chocolate bar
Bottle of mineral water
Sun cream
Insect repellent
Three-course evening meal for two, including a bottle of wine.

Top Destinations

According to the results Bali and Cape Town came top of the best places to take a winter holiday in the sun. The results also showed that once you arrive in Bali your money will go a lot further than other holiday destinations.

Bali, Indonesia
Cape Town, South Africa
Tokyo, Japan
Mombasa, Kenya
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phuket, Thailand
Cancun, Mexico
Phuket, Thailand
Cancun, Mexico
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

It is surprising that Spain did not come up on the list of the top ten winter destinations.

Although places like Benidorm and the Costa Del Sol are not known for their hot weather in the winter, they still do have much better weather than the UK.

However, Tenerife has great winter weather and can be very affordable, so it does bring the question, are these results right?
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So, if you’re planning on getting some winter sun this year remember to save a few extra pounds on your car parking and also make sure you park your car securely at the airport.