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Robin Hood Airport Unfair Fine

Posted on : 05-10-2015 3:02

Residents Of Cottingham, Hull, and South Yorkshire Shocked Over Robin Hood Airport Fine

Robin Hood Airport FineA woman from Cottingham, near Hull, was shocked when she received a fine through the post from Robin Hood Airport and said she is more than happy to go to jail to get justice.

She was not the only one who was shocked.

The Incident

Anna Turner, 59, was on the way to Robin Hood Airport to fly to her native Poland when she got lost looking for a car park.

She decided to pull into a space on a dead end road near to the airport to try and find where the car park was.

She quickly turned around and headed for the airport, but it seems big brother was watching her and had pound signs in their eyes.

The Fine

A shocked Anna received a fine through the post for £60. But due to not paying the original fine it has now risen to £150, with a threat that more charges will be added if it is sent to a solicitor.

Ms Turner’s Comments

Anna said: “I am prepared to go to the end to fight this. No logical and reasonable person can say I have done anything wrong.

“I am prepared to go to court and even prepared to go to prison.

“It is just me on my own, I am 5ft nothing and weigh 7st, but I am going to take them on.

“I’m not going to back down because it gets difficult, which I think is what these companies hope most people will do.”

Vehicle Control Services (VCS) Reply

Vehicle Control Services who works on behalf of the owners of the private road said, “Ms. Turner’s car was stationary for a minimum of 33 seconds.” However Ms. Turner said she believed it was more around the 18 second mark.

The parking company must have thought all their birthdays had come at once when they photographed Anna and her vehicle.

According to VCS, the images from a mobile CCTV camera showed the vehicle lights on the car were on, although they admit she did not get out of the car.

Ms Turner’s Reply

Ms. Turner said: “Regardless of whether it was 18 or 33 seconds, it’s still a short amount of time.

“I haven’t abandoned my car for a week to go on holiday. I didn’t turn my lights off, and I didn’t get out of my car.

“I had made a simple mistake, got lost and turned around.”

Fine Issued Correctly According to VCS

A spokesman for VCS claimed they issued the fine in the correct way. However, many people have come forward and said they have never seen a sign saying you can get fined, and other people have said a parking company has no powers to issue a fine on private land.

Our Own Comments

I have used Robin Hood Airport many times, and I have never seen a sign that says you can get fined for stopping your vehicle.

We are right behind Anna Turner and call on people around the to let Robin Hood Airport know exactly what you feel and call for the fine to be removed.
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