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Ryanair and Airport Parking

Posted on : 08-01-2015 12:12

Don’t Get Left in the Dark or Overcharged.

Ryanair recently announced that they would be adding the option to include airport parking onto their flight bookings. Sounds like a good idea?.. Maybe not!

So, you’re booking your flight, you go through the booking process and then all of a sudden you’re asked if you also want to include airport parking. You think to yourself, this is handy, do everything in one go, so you go ahead and include your parking package along with you flight. The price seems ok as does the car park, so what’s the problem?

The problem is this… What do you know about the car park? How does the price compare? What happens next?

Having just done a test booking via Ryanair we know nothing about any of the car parks, we just get told the name and what it costs. No mention of car park security, transfers or even location. Some people might be ok with this but we guess most will not.

So lets address these three points in detail…

1. What do you know about the car park?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!! Wouldn’t it be great to know about security, transfer times/frequency, location and facilities.

We give you all this information at a glance plus other useful nuggets such as whether you keep your keys or not and whether the car park is accredited by the UK Police Association.

2. How does the price compare?

Well it doesn’t when your booking with Ryanair! You just get given one price. Sort of makes sense, Ryanair make a deal to provide one suppliers product (a nice little partnership which benefits both parties), but not the consumer!!

We compare the top UK airport parking providers in seconds covering all major UK airports. No need to trawl through endless sites looking for a deal.

3. What happens next?

Well, not a lot really if you are to believe a recent post on Tripadvisor (click here).

Book with us and you’ll receive an instant email confirmation containing your unique booking reference, arrival/departure procedures, directions and telephone numbers.

So it might be more convenient to book your airport parking whilst booking your flight or holiday but seriously just step back and think about it!! Two minutes comparing WILL save you money!!

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