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Ryanair Change Their Mind On Ten Pound America Flights

Posted on : 29-03-2015 11:54

Ryanair Backtrack On Cheap USA Flights

Ryanair Not Flying to USAAt the beginning of the week, Ryanair went from being the airline with a high level of complaints made against them to a popular airline with exciting news of cheap flights to America.

However, a couple of days later and that all changed for the airline that offers Jeremy Clarkson style customer service.

The Story

For people not aware of the clever Ryanair marketing campaign that happened last week, let me explain. Last week, Ryanair announced they would be offering ten pound flights to America, even though we announced in a press release that this would not happen. Even though the offer sounded too good to be true, thousands of passengers and the media started to get excited about the news. But then a few days later it all changed.

It seems Ryanair made the announcement without using a calculator to check out how much it would cost to fly to the states. When they understood flights to America could not be done for the price of a family meal at McDonalds, they quickly made another announcement. This announcement shocked passengers who were looking forward to cheap flights to America.

Ryanair PR Machine Reverses!

Ryanair, who would charge £10 to use the toilet, £20 for a life jacket, and £50 to sit on the Captains lap to feel safer if they had their way, changed their minds.  It seems the expensive publicity campaign could have been a big stunt to make Ryanair look good or to hide some bad news. For whatever the reason they made the announcement matter, Ryanair looked very stupid last week.

A spokesman for said: “It seems someone at Ryanair has made a huge error with the calculations. I am not sure but maybe when they were working out the fare the calculator may have gone on overdrive.”


People have turned to Twitter to complain over the false hope of cheap flights to America, with some passengers claiming they must have been trying to stop some bad press coming out about them. For whatever the reason for the big publicity campaign, one thing is for sure, anyone wanting to go to America for ten pounds will have to buy a rowing boat and spend twelve months rowing to America.

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