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Ryanair’s Excellent Priority Boarding Service

Posted on : 15-02-2016 2:38

Ryanair Priority Boarding Is Worth Every Penny.

I have to admit in the past I have never been a fan of paying extra when it comes to going on holiday, I mean, Thomson charge you if you want to sit next to family members, which is a bit of a joke.

I could understand it if they charged you if you didn’t want to sit next to someone, especially if you had your mother in law coming on holiday, but to charge you to sit next to your wife, how crazy is that.

However, I was told about Ryanair Priority Boarding and decided to give it a try, especially as it was only £10 extra, and it included extra leg room.

My Pleasant Experience

When I booked the seats with extra leg room I was really expecting to pay a lot more, but no, Ryanair only wanted to charge me an extra £10, which came with automatic priority boarding. I thought, at first, this was an error and half expected to receive an email asking me to pay more, but that didn’t happen.

Once I arrived at the airport, which was Stansted Airport flying to Spain, I was not sure how this priority boarding worked.

I was told by the check-in lady after she asked me all those silly questions like, did you pack this bag yourself, has anyone put something in your bag without knowing about it, like seriously, how would I know if someone put something in my bag if I did not know about it.

Anyway, rant over, and by the way, I lied, I didn’t pack the bag myself so bite me check-in lady, she told me that I should join the priority line at the boarding gate.

Once I got to the boarding gate, I felt so happy I had priority boarding. The normal line of people waiting to board was huge; it was like Tesco had just announced the buy one get one free offers were genuine and not a rip-off.

The line for priority boarding was small with just six people, this was heaven. It meant no waiting for ages to board the plane and instead I would be one of the first to get on board and beat the rest of the people trying to find space to in the overhead lockers to store their hand luggage.

My Conclusion

There are many reasons to purchase priority boarding. They include getting on and off the plane before other passengers. Another good reason is being one of the first to get hand luggage on the plane in the overhead lockers, which are limited.

If you are going to be flying with Ryanair, then have a serious think about purchasing a premium seat or priority boarding as it is worth every penny.

The priority boarding is free to customers who purchase a Premium Seat (rows 1-7, 16 & 17).

Well done Ryanair, a truly useful service priced correctly.
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