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Save Money On Cruise Holidays

Posted on : 26-08-2015 3:46

How To Save On Your Next Cruise Holiday

Cruise Ship Holidays Going on a cruise holiday is a great way to relax but they can be expensive. Cruise holidays can range from anything from £300 for a few nights away per person to over £4000 per person for ten nights. That is why it is important to find ways to reduce the cost of a cruise holiday.

We have put together some tips to help people who enjoy a cruise holiday to save money. When you read this you will see that a lot of it is just common sense and quite simple but we thought we’d mention it anyway.

Cruises from the UK can be cheaper than fly cruises

If you do not mind what destinations you would like to visit, then a cruise from the UK can be much cheaper than a fly cruise.

Wait, Wait, Wait

Probably our best tip, if you know you can leave at relatively short notice then waiting will save you money. Cruise prices tend to drop when the departure date gets closer.

As an extreme example you could call a couple of days prior to departure or even the day before and grab a fantastic deal.

You could also get your local travel agent to do all the hard work for you as some of them will offer a service to inform you of any price drops. So, you tell the travel agent the cruises you’re interested in, they monitor the prices and let you know of any price drops and you simply decide to take it or wait to see if it drops anymore.

Note : You have to be prepared to be disappointed with this one. For example, you could refuse a price drop thinking it will drop again and end up not getting it.

Be flexible with your dates of travel

Try and be flexible with the date of travel. By playing around with dates, the cruise could become much cheaper. Try and keep out of peak times and children’s holidays for a better deal.

Keep an eye on the currency rates

Believe it or not, currency rates with any type of holiday play a big part in the cost. By booking a Mediterranean, Baltic or Balkan cruise; your money could go a lot further with the strong pound.

Compare cruise prices with comparison sites

Check cruise comparison sites for better deals. By comparing prices, you may get a better deal.

Visit your local travel agent for a better deal

For people who read my blog, they will know I usually say keep away from travel agents and book online. I say this all the time because booking online gets a much better deal than booking with a high street travel agent. However, with cruise holidays it can be different.

By visiting a high street travel agent and telling them what you want, they have so many different resources to go to, where they can try and get you a better deal. And remember, if they say they can do it for a certain price say to them, can you get me a better deal.

By following our tips, you could get a much better price for your cruise holiday.
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