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School Term Time Holidays – New Survey

Posted on : 10-11-2015 1:26

David Cameron’s Term Time Holiday Ban Not Working Says Parents.

School Term Holiday BanThe Prime Minister during his election campaign said he felt for families who were suffering due to the high prices of holidays and the term time holiday ban.

However, even though he claimed in his expensive suit that he wanted to fight for the man and woman in the street, he made no mention of changing the ban.

Thousands of Families Fined Each Year!

Tens of thousands of families each year are fined for taking their children out of school for a cheaper holiday, even though schools and teachers are not fined when they have teacher training days.

David Cameron was convinced his government’s school term fine system would work and keep children in school, but according to new reports it has no effect.

New Survey Findings

A new survey has found half of the parents in the North West will ignore the ban. Whereas parents in the South West are less likely to take their children out of school.

The survey of 2,000 parents found that 82% of them were prepared to ignore the school term holiday ban and take their children out of school for a cheaper holiday.

Over 50% of those parents came from the North West and did not believe it would affect their children’s education.

The parents explained that it was about getting a cheaper holiday and felt the ban was unfair and made it harder for families to have quality time together due to the high cost of holidays.

The results show the holiday ban isn’t working, and David Cameron needs to get in the real world and understand the struggles parents go through when it comes to finding an affordable holiday.

Opposition to the Holiday Ban

Although David Cameron thought the term time holiday ban was a great idea, not everyone agrees. Seven in ten teachers do not believe in the ban and feel the ban should be scrapped.

The teaching union the NUT has also called for the fine system to be scrapped and some MPs have also agreed.

So, do you think the fine system should be scrapped? Have you received a fine? Let me know what you think on our official Facebook page.
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