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Should Alcohol be Banned at UK Airports

Posted on : 28-08-2015 11:28

Alcohol Ban at UK AirportsBanning Alcohol at UK Airports

There have been many recent cases of problems being caused on airlines when a passenger was drunk. So the question is, should alcohol be banned at airports?

A lot of aviation experts believe the sale of alcohol should be reduced in airport lounges, but other experts have said it should be stopped completely.

Many believe more UK holidaymakers are drinking too much before boarding a plane, which could put other passengers in serious danger.

Alcohol on Aircraft

Some captains of leading airlines believe the sale of alcohol should be banned on their aircraft and at the airport. However, the problem with that is the airlines will lose vital income from the sale of drinks and airports will lose millions each year in revenue.

Example Case

A recent case that goes for the ban of alcohol is a man who was drunk on board an aircraft. According to police reports, he became aggressive on board the aircraft during a row with his wife.

The incident forced the airline that was travelling from London to Houston to divert to Boston. It cost the airline a great deal of money and caused inconvenience to other passengers.

The man in question, Darren Halliwell from Manchester is now facing a possible jail term of two years after being charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery and disrupting the operation of an aircraft.

He has denied the charges even though his wife told police officers her husband urinated on the aircraft’s seat.

This is not an isolated case. In 2014, there 114 cases of disruptive passengers recorded on British planes and many aviation experts believe by banning the sale of alcohol at airports and on board aircrafts would reduce this amount.

UKACP Comments

We don’t think the banning of alcohol will ever happen at UK airports, there’s slightly more chance of it being banned on airlines but we can’t even see that happening.

Too many airlines would lose money and as for the airport lounge industry at UK airports, well it would seriously harm them, maybe even put them out of business.

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