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Survey On Family Holidays

Posted on : 27-10-2015 1:00

Family Holidays Make The Family Unit Stronger Says New Survey

Family HolidaysAt a time where families are complaining over the struggle of booking a family holiday due to the school term ban, a new survey was launched to find out what holidays mean to families.

Recent Survey

A survey of 2000 parents was launched by Holiday Hypermarket to find out what holidays meant to parents. According to the survey 82% of parents said a holiday brought the family closer together and said that their children would speak to them more freely while relaxing in the sun.

73% of the parents said a holiday allowed them to spend more quality time with their children than they would normally do at home due to having a busy life.

School Term Holiday Ban

The survey brings into question how much damage the school term holiday ban is having on families. With the modern world where parents are working much harder to provide for their families and with the cost of living increasing, families are struggling to afford a family holiday.

The survey has shown how important it is for a family to have a holiday together, but the number of families having an annual holiday has reduced.

That is down to the school term holiday ban and the high increase in holiday prices. And that is why; we keep on writing articles on our blog offering tips on how to find cheaper holidays.

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