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Tackling Drunken Airline Passengers

Posted on : 04-11-2015 11:37

Airlines Need To Introduce Better Checks At Boarding Gates To Combat Intoxicated Passengers

Drunken Airline PassengersThere have been a large number of incidents in the past couple of years where drunk passengers have caused disruption on flights.

Some of those incidents have resulted in the flight being diverted to another airport to offload the passenger. Diverting a flight not only costs the airline money but it also causes disruption for other passengers.

Airline Responsibility

So, why aren’t the airlines doing more to stop drunken passengers boarding their planes?

It is all well and good giving the passenger a fine when the airline has to divert to another airport to offload the passenger, but how about giving a fine to the airline staff at the boarding gate for letting the passenger board the plane. After all, a drunken passenger could become a serious safety risk.

Training Staff

If airlines trained their boarding gate staff to spot drunken passengers, then there would be less disruption. It would also make the flight safer and more enjoyable for passengers, instead of listening to the abusive behaviour when a passenger has had one too many.

Thomas Cook Incident

We reported a case where a drunken female passenger was escorted off a flight from Cuba to Manchester ( The woman should not have been able to get past the boarding gate staff, so what went wrong.

Not only was she abusive when she boarded the flight, but she also sent shockwaves through the other passengers and their children when she shouted she hoped the plane would crash.

Action Needed

To combat this type of behaviour, airlines need to come together and come up with a set procedure where their employees can deal with drunken passengers.

By doing this, it would mean airlines would save money and passengers would not have to put up with the shocking behaviour and the disruption that is caused.

Let me know what you think airlines should be doing to tackle the problem. Join in our conversation on our official Facebook page.
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