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Tackling Fear of Flying – A Different Approach

Posted on : 22-02-2016 4:09

TFT – A Different Approach to Tackling a Fear of Flying.

Fear of FlyingRecently we wrote a new section to our website dedicated to fear of flying. You can view it here. On the page we wrote about the various causes of this phobia. We also mentioned some of the more regular therapies designed to try and resolve this problem such as hypnotherapy, medical treatments and fear of flying courses.

However, since writing the page we have come across an approach we had never heard about before which seems to be very successful if the glowing reports from psychologists, counsellors, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists are anything to go by.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Mr Robin EllisAccording to the website TFT is “The natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the root cause of all negative emotions“. The practice is run near Cambridge by Robin Ellis an advanced Thought Field Therapy practitioner and trainer.

How Is Thought Field Therapy Different?

Because most other therapies operate via what is now called ‘A Talking Therapy”.  Psychology, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Coaching – these work only with energy of the mind.

The objective is to help the client to understand more about themselves, their life, and what they have experienced that is causing them emotional distress – fears phobias, etc.

TFT operates via working with both the mind’s and the body’s energy. This is the breakthrough that Dr Roger Callahan PhD – a Renowned Clinical Psychologist discovered in 1979. Who also incidentally trained Robin Ellis.

Another major way that TFT therapy is different is how quickly it can resolve many issues, as Robin Ellis says himself – “As a TFT Practitioner I need to see my clients for up to only 3 treatments – and this is usually because their problem is deeper and more complex

How Does TFT Work?

Thought Field TherapyAs stated before TFT works by working with both the mind’s and the body’s energy.

By activating the body’s energy through tapping on specific Acupuncture Points – (the Chinese Meridians) – in a specific order – (similar to a combination lock), while the person is also thinking of their specific problem they are using their mind’s energy at the same time as their body’s energy.

This procedure de-activates the negative thought that is resident in their thought field.  It can no longer send the information – the phobia, fear, anxiety, trauma, etc., to the brain which normally responds to that information – and so the person experiences, again, the well known distressing emotion. And it is because thought has no mass it has no inertia – it is fast.

One point must be stressed about TFT therapy and that is that it is the ‘root cause(s)’ that have to be treated – not the current/presenting problem. Each one has to be discovered and treated separately – using the same simple, swift and effective treatment – but always one-at-a-time.

Visit the TFT website – for more information.

TFT Self Help

Because Robin Ellis is also a TFT trainer, training such people as Psychologists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Doctors he is also able to teach anybody with a fear of flying how to self help. As he states here –

And I always teach people how to treat themselves should the need arise – particularly if they are experiencing an on-going difficult situation.  Many different thoughts will come up in relation to the actual  situation.  Being able to self-treat as they erupt helps them to carry on.  It  gives them a sense of self control to cope with the situation