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The Beauty of an Airport Hotel

Posted on : 05-02-2010 4:14

Ever tried to get to the airport check-in desk  for 7:00am ?  it can be really difficult especially if you don’t live too close to the airport. So there you are trying to wake the kids up at 5:00am for an hours drive to the airport, you’re rushing around getting everybody ready, checking that you’ve got everything with you, checking that you’ve not forgotten anything or anybody ! You all get in the car and set off, roads are clear but all the time you’re thinking, will we get there in time, did I lock the back door and where did I put the passports ?

Now most people are quite organised and would probably be able to handle this very easily without getting into such a panic, however some people would find it a real strain.. not the best way to get your holiday started. You can quite easily avoid all of this rushing around by taking a hotel room the night before you depart the airport. All the major airport have lots of hotels both on the airport and off it.

It’s probably nothing  new to realise than airports have hotels at them, but what some people don’t seem to realise is that you can actually get a hotel room WITH car parking for not much more than parking alone. So try it out, take a look at Airport Hotel Comparison and just see what you can save in hassle and money.