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Thomas Cook Could Lead Way in Gas Safety Abroad

Posted on : 09-10-2015 8:55

Coroner Calls On Thomas Cook To Set Example For Better Gas Safety In Hotels And Villas

UK Coroner's OfficeThomas Cook hit the headlines when two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2006; the incident sent shockwaves through the whole world and had parents scared it could happen to them.

According to reports, since the tragic event parents have started to buy carbon monoxide alarms for their holidays abroad.

Now, the coroner who investigated the deaths has asked for Thomas Cook to lead a campaign for new gas safety laws in hotels and villas abroad.

Coroner’s Recommendations

David Hinchcliffe has said that major changes need to take place. He has said unless new safety laws are introduced, and more checks are made then more holidaymakers might die.

The coroner who ruled in 2015 that the two children, Bobby, aged 6 and Christi Shepherd aged 7 had died from carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday in Corfu wants changes to be made straight away.

Letter to PM

The Coroner has sent a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron explaining that new laws need to be brought in.

He has asked the Prime Minister to push for new EU controls on gas boilers in villas and hotels to make it safer for holidaymakers not just from the UK but from around the world.

It is not known if David Cameron will pay any attention to the letter as his Government decided not to take any action 12 months ago when it was suggested that new Europe-wide safety rules should be brought in.

Call for Central Register

According to David Hinchcliffe, there should be a central register that will force tour operators to have safety controls in place. He wants to see a register where tour operators will keep up-to-date information on appliances such as gas boilers in holiday accommodation in the UK and abroad.

The idea from David Hinchcliffe is a logical one, but until those changes are brought in we are advising parents to purchase a portable carbon monoxide alarm and take it with them on holiday.

It does not matter if they are travelling abroad, or staying in the UK, it is important to put safety first.

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