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Thomas Cook Zero Tolerance On Drunk Passengers

Posted on : 26-10-2015 10:41

Thomas Cook Kick Drunk Woman Off Flight

Thomas CookOver the past 12 months, there have been a large number of cases where passengers have been offloaded from a flight for being drunk and abusive, this time around it was the turn of Thomas Cook.

Incident Details

A drunk British woman on board Thomas Cook flight TCX175, which was flying from Cuba to Manchester became abusive before it was due to take off.

She had been heavily drinking in the airport but was deemed fit to fly. Once she got on board the aircraft, her behaviour got out of control.

According to reports, she started to be abusive to the crew after being told she would not be served alcohol during the flight.

Captain’s Decision

The Captain, who was taxing the runway, was told about the passenger and felt she was a flight risk. After contacting the control tower and returning to the terminal, the police boarded the plane and escorted the woman off the plane.

Passenger Comments

According to one passenger, she was out of control. David Maddison-Lee, 50, who spoke to The Manchester Evening News said: ‘We had taken our seats and were just waiting. The plane was full, and people were coming back from their family holidays.

‘A woman started cursing immediately; she was continually swearing and being abusive. She was very loud.’

As the woman was taken off the plane, according to witnesses, she shouted she hoped the plane would crash.

One passenger said: “There were children on board the aircraft and when she shouted she wished the plane would crash it sent shockwaves with passengers. Some children asked if the plane was going to crash.”

Flight Delayed

The pilot apologized to passengers and said during his 18 years of flying he had never experienced anything like it. The flight was delayed for an hour after the drunk passenger bags had to be removed.

Thomas Cook

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: ‘Safety is our highest priority, and therefore the captain decided that the drunk and disruptive passenger had to leave the aircraft before take-off.

When the aircraft arrived in Manchester, some passengers thanked the crew for the way they handled the woman.

We have said many times now that action needs to be taken to put a stop to people getting drunk at the airport.

Although we understand it would be impossible to stop people getting drunk before the flight, there needs to be better training to spot people who are drunk at check-in and not allow them to board the aircraft.
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