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Thomson Airline Security Issue at Robin Hood Airport

Posted on : 13-11-2015 4:25

Does Robin Hood Airport And Thomson Have A Serious Security Problem?

Thomson AirlineOver the past couple of years, the threat level for airports in the UK has risen due to terrorist activity around the world.

So it makes me wonder why when airports should implement the highest level of security procedures, mistakes are still happening that could put passengers at risk.

Robin Hood Airport Security

I recently flew with my partner to Spain using Robin Hood Airport, which is a small airport near Hull and Doncaster.

As normal with Robin Hood airport there was a long queue at security, which is not a bad thing. Although I was listening to a lot of people moaning about the time it was taking to get through security; these people need to understand that the security officials are there for their safety.

I watched and have to say I was very impressed to see all airport staff being checked including the security staff when they wanted to go through security.

This is something I have never seen before, and I travel a lot. The problem, and it is a serious problem is when I got to the boarding gate.

My Incident Travelling with Thomson

The airline I was travelling with was Thomson, the airline where some of their planes inside look like they have just been bought from a second-hand car salesman.

Not being funny, but a lot of their planes look very tired, and when you go to sit down you are not offered much leg room. Once I got to the boarding gate after enjoying my fish and chips, there were two members of staff there from Thomson.

There were two lines, and I was in one, and my wife was in the other. By mistake, I had my wife’s boarding card and passport, and therefore my wife had my passport and boarding card.

The male member of staff took my passport and boarding card and checked it and waved me through. I started walking along the walkway to the aircraft when my wife shouted me back.

The female check-in employee stopped my wife from going through as she had the wrong boarding pass and passport. When I checked my passport and boarding card I noticed I had the wrong ones. Although the male member of staff smiled and thought it was funny, I was shocked.

There Should Never Be A Lapse In Security

This simple silly mistake made me lose faith in Thomson; it made me think how easy it would be for someone who should not be on board the aircraft to get past check-in.

It seemed to me there was one member of staff who felt security was important and the other one who was not interested and was more than happy to put people’s lives at risk.

This was totally unacceptable and shows Thomson and Robin Hood Airport has a serious security problem.

Thomson At Manchester Airport

I have just returned from Spain where I flew once again with Thomson, but this time using Manchester Airport. This time around there was no security problem.

Was this an isolated incident, or was this simply one member of staff from Thomson who was not interested in security, or was I lucky this time around when using Manchester Airport?


One thing is for sure; this should never have happened, and it only takes one mistake to put people’s lives at risk, and it is down to Thomson, Robin Hood Airport and all airlines to make sure each member of their team take security seriously.

I would like to know if you have experienced a serious security problem at Robin Hood Airport or another airport around the UK, let me know on our official Facebook page.

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