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Thomson Data Breach Mistake

Posted on : 30-09-2015 12:10

Couple Cancel Holiday After Being Let Down By Thomson

Thomson Data BreachA couple feel let down by Thomson after their personal details were revealed in a data breach.

The couple, Mandy and Pete Garland from Weston-Super-Mare had booked a Caribbean holiday with the travel agent but cancelled after Thomson messed up and shared their personal details in an email with nearly five hundred other customers.

They were worried the breach could put them at risk of burglary while away in the sun as the letter gave details of address, phone number and holiday dates.

Thomson Apology

Although Thomson have apologised for the release of personal data, they do not seem to have apologised directly to the couple for the inconvenience and worry, which is surprising given that the couple cannot re schedule their holiday due to lack of flexibility in their work.

Many Holidaymakers Affected

Mr and Mrs Garland, who were not the only ones who suffered the breach, said they had not received their money back or a direct apology. In total 458 customers of Thomson had their personal details shared on 15th August.

Mr & Mrs Garland’s Comments

Mandy explained that she received a later through email about the balance of the holiday and with that email was a spreadsheet with their details and almost 500 other customers.

She said: “My biggest worry was how many people on that list are going to be prepared to show those details?

“Anybody with a little bit of brains would be able to look at the list and go ‘there’s a pretty good chance that house is going to be empty for at least a week’.

“So my biggest concern was the security of the house.”

Thomson Spokesman

According to a Thomson spokesman the email was identified very quickly. Well, that is all right then, mistakes happen. There was no mention of how stupid they have been and how they had put people’s identity at risk and criminals could target those people.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said it was looking into the breach.
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