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Tips On Cheaper Holidays

Posted on : 24-05-2015 12:25

Cheaper Holidays

How To Find A Cheaper Holiday

Travel at the cheapest times

When looking for flights, try flying at times that most people do not want to fly. First thing in the morning or late at night are flights that a lot of people do not like, and these flights could save you money.

Try and avoid flying at the weekends, as these flights are more expensive than flights on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.


Travel when children are at school

If you do not have children or you are not taking children on holiday with you, then try and fly when children are at school. Flights and holidays are much cheaper when children are in school. As soon as the school holidays arrive, travel agents and flight companies increase their prices.

Pre-book airport parking

Many travellers make the mistake of leaving their airport parking to the last minute. They also make the mistake of not comparing the prices for airport parking. By not comparing prices on airport parking and by leaving it to the last minute, you could find yourself overpaying. By using our airport comparison tool, you can save up to 60% off the price of parking a car at an airport.

See  to save up to 60% off airport parking.

Flying from an alternative airport can save you money

A lot of people waste money by flying from their nearest airport. However, by comparing the prices of all the airports you could save a great deal of money. So, if you live near Doncaster Airport, compare the price between that airport and flying from Manchester Airport or East Midlands Airport.

Compare Travel Insurance

Instead of buying the first cover you come across, it is important to compare travel insurance to make sure you are getting the best deal. We have a travel insurance comparison site where you can buy travel insurance from £9.

Please see

Buy your own food and drinks at the airport instead of on the plane

The prices for food and drink on a flight are shocking. Instead of wasting money, why not buy food and drink at the airport and take it on the plane with you. You can save a lot of money especially if you are buying for a family.

Check your baggage weight before you fly

It is important to check your baggage weight before you fly. If you do not check the weight, then you could get an expensive shock when checking in. There are three ways to make sure you are not paying a lot of money for overweight luggage.

a) Increase your luggage allowance before you fly. It is much cheaper to increase your luggage allowance before you fly than paying for overweight luggage when you check in.

b) If you are told at check-in that your bag is overweight, and it is going to cost you a lot of money, then go and buy a cabin bag. There are normally around £15, and much cheaper than paying for overweight luggage. All you need to do is to transfer some of the weight to your new cabin bag and save a great deal of money.

c) This one is simple. Make sure you are not overweight before you leave home. If you feel you will be overweight, then buy a sports bag or cabin bag and transfer some of the weight.

Book direct with the hotel

By avoiding a travel agent, you can get cheaper holidays by booking directly with a hotel. Hotels can offer you a much cheaper price than a travel agent, and by buying direct and buying your own flight, you could have a nice cheap holiday.

For more tips on booking a cheap holiday, please visit here

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