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Tips To Reduce The Cost Of A Family Holiday

Posted on : 19-05-2015 10:48

Reducing Family Holiday Costs

Family Holiday Saving TipsIf you are looking for a cheap holiday, then read on. We have tricks to help you find cheap hotels, low-cost flights and value for money family holidays to put more money in your pocket

Let’s face it; most of us like to save money. If we could, we would go to the local supermarket and try and knock them down on price, and that is because we all want a good deal. It is the same for holidays. Why should we overpay for a holiday when we can get it much cheaper?

Don’t Use Travel Agents If Possible

If you have always used a travel agent for your holidays then stop now. Stop what you are doing, sit down and let me show you how you can save money. You may need a cup of tea after this when you understand how much more expensive it can be booking a holiday with a travel agent.

High street travel agents have to make money, we all understand that don’t we? But that is not our problem. All we are interested in is getting cheaper holidays; we want to get a good deal and not line up the fat cats big bonuses.

Top Tips

So let us give you some tips on how you can start saying goodbye to high street travel agents and hello to cheaper holidays.

1. Decide where you would like to go on a family holiday. (Seems obvious but you don’t want to be wasting any time trying to organise a holiday then decide to go somewhere totally different).

2.Search for cheap flights. A lot of people book their hotel first and then try and get flights to fit in with their hotel booking. However, this is the wrong way to do it. By booking the hotel first and trying to get a flight to match can increase the cost of a holiday.

3. Use cheap flights comparison sites. When looking for cheap flights, do not go with the first price you come across. Use cheap flights comparison sites so that you can check on the prices of all the available flights.

4. Be flexible on the date you can travel. If you are flexible with the date and time, you can fly, and then look at flights on a Monday, Tuesday, or sometimes Wednesday. You can save money by flying on these days

5. Be flexible on the time you can fly. If you do not mind flying late at night or early in the morning, then adjust the times you can fly. You will find that flight prices will change on the different times you are available. So, if you do not mind flying late at night, you could find cheaper flights.

6. Be flexible on airports you can fly from. It seems a bit silly, but believe it or not you can save money by flying from different airports to the same location. For example. If you were flying to Benidorm, you might find flying from Doncaster is cheaper than flying from Manchester Airport. So, if you do not mind a bit of travelling, compare the prices from different airports and see how much you can save.

7. Try flying to different airports within 30 miles of your holiday destination. This is a clever trick that more and more people are using. If your holiday destination has more than one airport, and if the country has good transport links, then think about comparing the prices of flying to another airport a bit further away than the main airport. If it is cheaper, then work out how much it would cost to travel to your holiday destination by taxi or car hire, and see if you can save money.

8. Book direct with the hotel. There are many comparison sites that allow you to find hotels and compare the prices. These sites will show you the best deals that are available. You can decide on the budget you want to spend and find hotels within that budget.

9. Speak to the hotel direct. You have your hotel price with the comparison site, but now take it a step further. Contact the hotel direct via email and say you are very interested in staying at their hotel and would like to know the best deal they can offer. You could find yourself saving some more money than the comparison site.

10. Book your hotel room using the euro currency. The pound is very strong at the moment, and that means UK holidaymakers are getting great value on their euro money exchange. If you pay by pound sterling, you could be wasting some money. But, due to getting more euros’ for the pound at the moment, by paying in euro’s you could make the hotel price even cheaper.

11. Compare travel insurance. By using our travel insurance comparison tool, you can compare all the available prices available and get a great deal (

12. Compare airport parking prices. A lot of people are wasting money by paying full price for their parking. However, by using our airport parking comparison tool, you could save up to 60%.

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UKACPBy using our cheap holiday tips, you could reduce the price of your holiday and have more money to spend when you and your family go abroad for fun in the sun.