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Travel Bosses Warn Against Leaving The EU

Posted on : 20-02-2016 6:36

Flights And Holiday Could Become More Expensive If We Leave The EU Says Travel Chiefs.

Travel Chiefs have come out in force to warn that leaving the EU could be a huge mistake. According to those experts, if we decide to vote to leave the EU then flight prices and holiday prices could become expensive.

Report Findings

According to a recent report, over 60% of people plan to vote to leave the EU, but according to Thomson, EasyJet and other travel companies, this would be a bad idea. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond as expected has come out and said leaving the EU would be bad for the UK and could see the country fall apart.

Travel bosses have said; the EU allows people to travel around the world at a much affordable price than if we were not in the EU. Some travel companies have said if we do leave the EU then we can expect to wave goodbye to cheap flights from as low as £20 to go to Spain.

EasyJet Comments

EasyJet boss, Carolyn McCall has warned if people vote to leave the EU then there would be no guarantee flight prices would remain low. She said: “Whatever way to look at it, the EU has brought huge benefits for UK travellers and businesses.

“Staying in the EU will ensure that they, and all of us, continue to receive them. How much you pay for your holiday really does depend on how much influence Britain has in Europe.

The boss of EasyJet who has been a strong support of staying in the EU wants people to think long and hard before placing their vote.

Ms McCall added: “As a result of Britain’s membership, the cost of flights has plummeted while the range of destinations has soared. That’s why EasyJet believes the benefits far outweigh the frustrations and why the UK is better off as part of the EU.”

UK In The EU or Not

Although travel companies have come out and warned that flight prices could increase, it seems this has had little effect on people’s opinions on leaving the EU.

Many believe David Cameron is not doing enough to get a better deal and are fed up of all the powers the UK has given away. Many are also annoyed that people can come to the UK and get benefits when people going to other countries do not receive the same help.

It has been reported the Prime Minister and government officials are trying to get business leaders on side to support the campaign to stay in the EU, but will this work or have people had enough.

Have Your Say

We would like to know if the prospect of increased flight prices would convince you to vote to stay in the EU, or would you like to leave the EU. Let us know on the official UKACP Facebook page.
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