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Travel Company Offers Families Affordable Holidays

Posted on : 08-01-2016 5:41

New Travel Company Set To Make Holidays Cheaper To Help Parents Avoid Fines.

JetsGo HolidaysFor those that follow our blog on a regular basis, you will know that we have been campaigning about the shocking fine system that David Cameron brought in to stop parents having a cheaper holiday.

We have said that the fine system needs to be changed and David Cameron needs to tackle travel agents to stop them taking advantage, well although David Cameron has not listened, one man has listened and is set to make changes.

JetsGo Holidays

Merseyside’s answer to Richard Branson feels strongly about parents being forced to pay higher holiday prices when children are off school, and has decided to launch more affordable package holidays.

Daniel Reilly has launched JetsGo Holidays, a new company that specialises in family holidays to Mallorca. The 27-year-old entrepreneur’s plan is to offer more affordable holidays during the school holidays and help parents avoid the fines that tens of thousands of parents have been given.

He said: “We want to seize the initiative, show what we are doing, and look at working together to build on the pricing platform we are pioneering“.

The travel sector has to recognise that it is now part of the solution – and not just be viewed as the root of the problem. We are determined to break the mould and improve the image of the travel industry at the same time“.

The sector has to do more and fulfil its wider corporate responsibilities – and I am proud that, as a fledgling company, we are taking a lead on this”.

UKACP Comments

We applaud Daniel Reilly, and we just hope that the big travel companies follow his example and stop pushing the prices up when children are off school.

It would also be nice to see the government tackle this serious problem and relax the fine system and get travel agents to agree to reduce prices.
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