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Travelling Without Insurance

Posted on : 07-09-2015 1:58

Travel Insurance

One In Five Holidaymakers Still Travel Abroad With No Travel Insurance

According to a new report, holidaymakers are still going abroad thinking they do not need travel insurance. The report has found that one in five holidaymakers travel abroad without insurance cover.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

A lot of people go abroad with the attitude that nothing will happen to them, that they will not have an accident and will not need urgent medical treatment.

However, the reality is nobody knows what is around the corner. If a person does require medical treatment and does not have travel insurance, then they could find themselves in serious debt.

ABTA Statistics

ABTA has released figures that show 22% of people travelling abroad are not insured. A third of those people are aged 16-24 while 32% are aged between 25-34. The Association found that 22% of 16-24-year-olds believed they did not need travel insurance as they had an EHIC card.

EHIC Cards

Although having an EHIC card is important and should be renewed every five years, it does not replace travel insurance. The EHIC card gives people access to emergency state medical care throughout most of Europe but does not cover expenses or treatment in a private hospital.

The card will not cover the expenses a person needs to stay in a hospital, or specialist care they may need after an operation. It also does not cover specialist transport that may be needed to get back to the UK if the patient is too ill to travel alone.

Another thing the EHIC card does not cover is the cost of a flight to get back home once the emergency is over or the cost of a family member staying abroad until the person is fit to travel.

Extreme Stories

A lot of people who travel abroad without travel insurance and had an accident or fell ill found themselves in serious debt. There have been stories where people have had to get a second mortgage or sell their homes to pay for their medical treatment. Those debts could have been avoided if travel insurance was paid for before travel.

ABTA Comments

“It is a real concern that we see so many travellers telling us that they have recently gone overseas without travel insurance,” said ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer.

“Every year we come across tragic incidents of people having accidents or falling ill overseas without travel insurance and then having to pay bills that can quickly run into thousands of pounds. “Often they are younger travellers and their families are left with the burden of having to pick up the bill.

Whatever your financial circumstances may be, avoiding taking out travel insurance is a false economy.”

Travel Insurance Brings Peace of Mind

Travel insurance brings peace of mind and allows a person to be covered for many different problems they may be faced with, including lost luggage and medical treatment. By ignoring travel insurance, holidaymakers could face serious problems while abroad and could be left stranded if they have no way to pay for medical treatment or a way to get back home. UKACP Travel Insurance

UKACP Travel Insurance

Here at UK Airport Car Parks we can also offer you an extensive range of travel insurance policies, all with comprehensive coverage. Our policies cover all continents and can also cover sporting and adventure activities.