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Two Cleaners at Luton Airport Caught Stealing

Posted on : 03-08-2010 9:44

Two Cleaners Caught Stealing from Luggage at Luton Airport
Two Cleaners Caught Stealing from Luggage at Luton Airport

Pair Caught Stealing from Luggage at Luton Airport

Two cleaners from Luton airport have been caught stealing from luggage by a police sting operation. Hidden cameras were put in place in a room which the baggage carousel passed through. The two cleaners who worked for an outside contractor were clearly seen opening passengers luggage as it passed through on the conveyor belt. the pair were given prison sentences after admitting six counts of stealing.

Amazingly since the two were arrested the rate of thefts from luggage has gone down 77% at Luton airport! The  airport was quick to point out that with approximately 700,ooo passengers passing through the airport each month this counted as a very small percentage of all luggage handled at Luton airport. The airport also recommended that all passengers locked their cases and kept all valuables in their hand luggage.

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