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UK Airport Car Parks Introduce New Hotel Booking Feature

Posted on : 06-10-2010 3:44

Here at UK Airport Car Parks we’ve introduced a handy little feature which we hope will help users get a better deal and a better holiday experience.

We’ve added an automated feature which checks a users car parking drop off time, if this time is very early in the morning our site will automatically inform you of the chance to get airport parking with hotel stay the night before you fly.

All of the airport hotel with parking results can be retrieved with a couple of mouse clicks and you can also toggle between the car parking only and car parking with hotel results.

By offering an airport hotel stay the night before you fly we can help hidaymakers have a far less stressful start to their holiday, who wants to be getting up at some stupid hour, getting the family organised then having to drive all the way to the airport!

Click here for more information on Airport Parking with Hotel

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