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UK Airport Car Parks & Liability Insurance.

Posted on : 20-10-2014 11:44

UKACP Car Park Liability InsuranceHere at UKACP we constantly hear about the many different points people consider when choosing airport parking but never hear that much about the ‘what if’ considerations… What if my car gets stolen? What if my car gets broken into? What if my car gets damaged? etc…

Before going into this a bit further let’s look at some of the better know, more usual points people think about when they’re buying airport parking.

Obviously the main one is… Yes, you guessed it…

Price, we think it’s safe to say that price will often be the only consideration given that airport parking is classed as a ‘grudge purchase’. What is a grudge purchase? Well, it’s basically a forced purchase, in this case you have to get to the airport and you have to put your car somewhere! On top of this, people have saved all year for their well earnt holiday, not for a babysitting service for their car! So it’s really not surprising that price drives most airport parking purchases.

Security, probably the next most popular considered point. This again makes total sense because people naturally want to know that their car is safe whilst they’re away. Yes, you can choose a car park with CCTV, manned patrols, barriers, security lighting and all the perimeter fencing in the world but what happens if your car is stolen, broken into or damaged… Is the car park liable or are you going to have to claim on your own insurance?

Location, generally not that much of a consideration as nearly all car parks at all airports are a maximum of 20 minutes away from the terminal building with most being only a few minutes away. Some passengers will pay a premium for a Meet & Greet service which will drop them off at the departures terminal and have their car waiting for them at the arrivals hall on their return.

So as you can see most people are pre occupied with the above points when buying airport parking and not too many give a thought to the actual car park’s liability cover. Basically, a car park’s liability insurance coverage is the extent to which they are responsible for any incidents such as theft and damage whilst your car is on their premises.

It has to be said that most if not all UK airport car parks will display their public liability notice on site and most will display the same on their own website, certainly showing the notice on site is a legal requirement. It might seem like an ‘uncool’ thing to do, to fully read their liability notice when parking your car before going on holiday but it might just save you a lot of hassle!

Imagine if you could get an idea for a car parks liability cover at the time of booking… well, you can right here at UKACP. We constantly get updated information from our providers on a daily basis and we’ve just added functionality to our website to show a brief description of its liability coverage where possible.