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UK Airport Expansion Decision Imminent

Posted on : 04-12-2015 11:07

David Cameron Set To Make Heathrow Airport Expansion Decision Within Days.

UK Airport Expansion DecisionIt has been announced the Prime Minister will make his decision over which airport will be given the go-ahead for a new runway within days.

However, many believe it’s just a formality and Heathrow Airport knows they have the go-ahead for a third runway.

Heathrow Airport

The expansion of Heathrow Airport would not be a popular choice and could further split the Conservative party. Many believe a new Airport should be built while others believe smaller Airports should be expanded where it would generate jobs in high unemployment areas.

According to reports, if Heathrow does get the go-ahead for the expansion then they would be given strict rules on what they can and cannot do. That includes not building a fourth runway, and restrictions to reduce noise pollution.

Objections and Legal Arguments

Although Heathrow Airport would be looking at starting expansion work straight away, they could be forced to wait some years with the expected legal objections that will be brought forward by campaigners and possibly Gatwick Airport.

Boris Johnson has been one of the strongest objectors to Heathrow and Gatwick Airport being given permission to expand and believes a new hub airport would be better. Many believe he is right while others are questioning why any airport in the south needs to be expanded.

Heathrow Airport has promised the expansion will generate thousands of jobs, but those objectors from the North have said this is another case of the Government increasing a North and South Divide.

Have Your Say

If the expansion were granted to Humberside Airport, Robin Hood Airport, or even Liverpool John Lennon Airport, then it would have generated much-needed jobs to a high unemployment area.

What do you think about the expansion plan, would it be right for Heathrow Airport to be given the go-ahead, or do you think an airport in the North Of England should have been expanded. Please visit our official Facebook page and leave your comments.
Heathrow Airport Parking with UKACP

UK Airport Car Parks

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