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UK Residents Retiring To Panama Increases

Posted on : 05-01-2016 10:05

Panama Has Become The Country Retirees In The UK Are Turning To For A Better Life.

Panama Central AmericaIn recent years, the UK has come under fire for the high cost of living, high unemployment and all the cutbacks to services, which includes the police, NHS, welfare, and education.

So it’s not surprising that the average man and woman in the street have become disillusioned with living in the UK.

However, one policy that has upset millions of people is the increase in the retirement age, meaning men and women will have to work for more years to claim their pension, but not everyone is waiting those extra few years to retire.

Retirement Plans

With most people’s dream of retiring early the UK makes that dream unreachable for most. But there is a solution according to Panama Relocation Tours and finance experts, and that solution is to wave goodbye to the UK and relocate abroad.

That is not a new thing, each year thousands of people move to Spain for a cheaper way of life, but Spain is no longer as cheap as it once was, and that is why one in four people who have moved to Spain are now returning.


According to reports, Panama has become the new Spain. Panama, which is located in Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica has become the number one country to retire to.

With the low cost of living, lower real estate prices and a more relaxed way of life, more UK retirees and people looking to retire are now relocating there.

Panama is allowing people who want to retire early to have that opportunity. With money going much further than the UK, it allows people to live for less, and that means helping people to achieve their dream of early retirement.

Many have said Panama is the new Spain, and unlike Spain where thousands of people each year return due to the increased cost of living and the new tax rules, the people who move to Panama are staying put.

With the news that Panama has become the country that offers a better way of life, it has been reported that more people from the UK are now travelling to Panama to check out the country and see what it offers.

Panama Relocation Tours

One company that has seen a huge increase in the number of people who contact them about Panama is Panama Relocation Tours. The company offers monthly six-day-all-inclusive tours, allowing people to see the real Panama and experience what the country has to offer and the opportunities available.

Jackie Lange from Panama Relocation Tours said: “Panama was voted the number one retirement destination in the world, and as such more people from the UK are visiting Panama with a view to relocating here.”

While thousands of people each year try to enter the UK, believing they will have a better life, they maybe in for a shock with the high cost of living, and that is why as many people who enter the UK, the same number are thinking about moving abroad.

For more details on different Panama Relocation Tours available and what they include, please visit:

If you have visited Panama and thinking of retiring there, then let us know on our official Facebook page.
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