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UKACP – Don’t Read Just Watch!

Posted on : 28-08-2016 12:43

UKACP New Video Search and Book Functionality.

View & Book Airport Products by VideoThey say a picture paints a thousand words… well, what about a video?

Through our partnership with Holiday Extras we’re able to show you videos of most of our airport products. These videos give you a great insight into the workings of an airport car park, hotel or vip lounge.

Just imagine not having to wade through loads of text to get to know about an airport car park, hotel or lounge. Instead you’ll be able to just watch whilst somebody walks you through every aspect of the product. You get to see the product first hand, how easy is that!

Airport Parking

Just select the car park you’re interested in and watch a short video which will guide you through things like arrival/departure procedures, security features, where to catch the bus (if required) and transfer times.

If you then like the look of the car park just click the ENTER DATES & BOOK button, enter your dates and we’ll return your chosen car park’s full price and any further details. You’ll see your car park at the top of the results but we’ll show all the other car parks for that airport below it just in case there’s something cheaper or even more convenient.

Airport Hotels

This is where this new functionality really comes into its own. Generally when somebody books a hotel room they want to see what the rooms look like as well as other facilities the hotel may have. So by viewing a guided video tour of the hotel you see things up close.

You’ll get to see the hotel rooms as well as things like restaurants,bars, gym facilities plus you’ll find out about the hotel location and any airport transfer costs & times. Also in many of the hotel videos the guide will let you know about the suitability of a given hotel for families or budget stays plus disabled access.

Airport Lounges

Again, viewing a short video has got to be the best way to truly get a feel for an airport lounge. Simply click play and you’ll be walked through the lounge in detail. Sit back and view the luxurious interior, comfy seating, great views and of course the bar and food/snacks on offer (which are all included in the entry price).

Some of the lounges have extra special features such as games rooms, cinemas, spas, bedrooms and full restaurants so you’ll get to know about these features also.

As well as showing you the obvious features an airport lounge has to offer the guide in the video will also explain for example what terminal the lounge serves, where it is located, dress code, if children are allowed plus anything which makes the lounge stand out and is worthy of a special mention.

View & Book For Mobile Devices

This new functionality was created with mobile users in mind. Imagine trying to book an airport car park, hotel or lounge on a small device having to scroll through and read reams of small text to try and find out if the product is suitable for you.

Instead just watch and listen to the video, if you think it’s suitable simply click the Enter Dates & Book button, enter your dates and have your chosen product returned at the top of the list with other possible suitable products below it, after all you might find and even better price or product!

So just look for the View & Book Products by Video icon at the top of our pages and book the easy way!

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