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UKACP YouTube Channel. Eric & Bob!

Posted on : 23-03-2015 3:35

UKACP YouTube Channel. Follow Eric & Bob At The Airport.

YouTubeA short while ago we decided to create our YouTube Channel. We wanted to show off our products in a simple and hopefully slightly humorous way. Our core products are airport parking, airport hotels and airport lounges. The latter two are what we class as “happy purchases”, this being a purchase where you receive some kind of pleasure from, i.e. a comfortable hotel stay or a luxurious vip lounge visit.

Airport parking on the other hand is what we class as a “grudge purchase”, this being a purchase which is necessary but you don’t receive any kind of pleasure form it! Fact.. nobody likes to pay to park their car, even when visiting town for a few hours never mind for a whole week or two!

The UKACP YouTube Channel

So, with this in mind we wanted to show holidaymakers that we could save them money at the airport but we didn’t want to just throw a whole load of sales talk at them. This is where YouTube comes in, specifically our own channel.

We decided first to create an overview of our services, so it became a sort of walkthrough, from parking to staying at an airport hotel to staying in a vip airport lounge before your flight departs. Take a look for yourselves here.

After creating the walkthrough we wanted to give all of our videos a theme which would show that our services do actually save you money every time whilst at the same time making them light hearted which would hopefully make people giggle a bit, just like our second video about Eric & Bob meeting at Manchester airport. So we thought about it and decided to show the right way and the wrong way to do things.

Eric & Bob

That’s where Eric and Bob come in. Basically, Eric does things the right way, i.e. pre booking, comparing etc.. whereas Bob doesn’t seem to have a clue when it comes to saving. Anyway, take a quick look at Eric and Bob…


EricA normal, everyday guy, he lives on a normal street, works hard and enjoys his holidays with the family. He’s content and if he can save a little money then he will.

However, he’s definitely not a “voucher junkie” who can’t even go to Tesco’s without a voucher, he just knows how to save a bit of money with little effort! by the way… he lives right next door to Bob!


BobAgain, a normal everyday guy who lives on a normal street (right next door to Eric…did we mention that!). He works hard and just like Eric he really enjoys his holidays with the family. He does however have one small hangup…Eric!

Well, not really Eric himself, just the organised Eric who always seems to have that bit more holiday spending money than him. He just can’t understand how he manages to organise his holidays so painlessly including his airport parking and still manage to save money and look so relaxed and organised. Bob thinks it must take a lot of time and effort and he never quite gets round to doing it himself.

UK Airport Car Parks

So, there it is… Eric & Bob and our YouTube channel. We’ll be doing quite a few videos about these two so we’d recommend that you subscribe to our channel to learn about saving money at the airport and hopefully have a bit of a laugh at the same time.

Bob… follow this link here and do yourself a favour the next time you and the family go on holiday! Ohh… and just relax a bit!