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Would You Feel Safe Flying In A 3D Printed Plane?

Posted on : 06-05-2015 2:16

3D Printed Plane Parts3D Printed Plane Parts

The 3D printer has had as many positive reviews as negative reviews. Some people have warned of the dangers of the 3D device that can print parts of a gun and other devices that could hurt mankind. However, now it seems the 3D printer has come under fire again after it was revealed the printer was being used to print plane parts.

Passengers may not be aware that the latest Airbus A350 XWB plane has over 1,000 parts that were printed by a 3D printer. The company behind the plane are proud it has more printed parts than any other plane, but do passengers feel the same.

Safety Concerns

According to aviation experts, the plane can be lighter due to the 3D parts, and they claim it does not affect the strength or the quality of the components. Although making the plane lighter is a good thing, many people are concerned lives will be put at risk. Another complaint is the loss of jobs. Unions have said, with the new technology it could put thousands of jobs at risk.

But as a passenger, being 35,000 feet above the ground, and then being told a large portion of the plane has been made out of 3D parts, would you feel safe?

Let us know what you think about 3D parts being used in a plane and if you would feel safe. Visit our official Twitter page now and have your say, or visit our Facebook page to have your opinion.

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