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Long Stay South Terminal South

Long Stay South
Long Stay South Park Mark
  • CCTV
  • Security Lighting
  • Security Fencing
  • Security Barrier
  • Security Patrols
  • Client retains car keys
  • Disable Facilities

1 mile from airport
On site

5 mins transfer
every 10 mins

Long Stay South Terminal South


A 5-minute shuttle bus from the terminal, Official Long Stay is on the airport grounds.


Keep your keys; your car wonâ??t move.

Arriving at car park:

The automatic barrier will scan your number plate and lift. Follow signs to Open Parking zone and park in any available bay.

Getting to the airport:

Walk to the nearest bus stop to catch the shuttle to the South Terminal. Buses run every 10 minutes and are included in the price.


- Accessible bays
- Well-lit bus stops with ramps
- Accessible shuttle buses that lower and have ramps
- If you need to take your Blue Badge away with you, you'll need to show it to the car park attendant before leaving your car â?? press the â??assistanceâ?? button at the entry barriers to speak to a member of staff.


- Fences
- Floodlights
- Entry and exit barriers
- Regular staff patrols


- Bus shelters

Returning to car park:

- Walk the 6 minutes from the terminal to the car park.
- The shuttle bus will run on request - use the intercom inside the terminal to call the bus. Thereâ??s one inside at the pay machine, and one outside by the bus stop.
- Drive to the exit barrier which will lift automatically.

Hints, tips and extra bits:

- If a ticket isnâ??t issued at the barrier, press the call button for assistance.
- You must enter your car registration to your booking before you go, otherwise you will have delays in accessing the car park and may be charged again for your parking on your return.
- You can use Long Stay South car park, even if youâ??re flying from the North terminal. Take the shuttle bus to the South Terminal, then walk into the airport to take the free monorail to the North terminal. It runs every 3 minutes and takes 2.

Arrival Procedures

The car park has automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) - so make sure you give us the correct car registration number when you book.
Take a ticket at the barrier, which will lift automatically when it recognises your number plate. Keep this ticket.
There will be signs telling you which zone to park in. You should make a note of which zone you're parked in, and which is the nearest bus stop. Then just wait at the bus stop for the transfer bus to the South terminal.

Departure Procedures

The bus will pick you up from the upper forecourt and take you back to the car park to pick up your car.
Your booking reference should be printed on the ticket you were given when you arrived at the car park, so you just need to drive to the exit barrier and put your ticket in the slot. If your ticket doesn't have your booking reference on, but says 'cashier' instead, you should go to the customer services desk by the exit, and they will let you out. Make sure you have a copy of your booking confirmation with you.


Long Stay holds the Secured Car Parks Award, initiated by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and is protected by security fencing, floodlights, remote cameras and regular patrols by staff and Sussex Police.

Transfer Information

Long Stay South is five minutes from the South terminal on the transfer bus. Transfers run 24 hours a day, every 10 minutes and are included in the price.

Disabled Information

Arrangements can be made for disabled customers. Once you have booked call the car park to arrange.


Car Park indemnifies customers for damage resulting from any proven act or negligence on part of its servants or agents.

Long Stay South Terminal South

Long Stay South Terminal South


From the North : Advised routes to access the M25 from the North of the country are the M40 (Birmingham, Midlands), the M1 or the A1 from the North East. Once on the M25 head for Heathrow and Gatwick until Junction 7. Leave the M25 at J7 and head south onto the M23 (signposted Gatwick).

From the West: Take the M4 east (London), then join the M25 towards Heathrow and Gatwick. Turn off the M25 at Junction 7 and go south along the M23 towards Gatwick. From the southwest take the M3 and then the M25. Head eastbound towards Gatwick until J7. Take this junction and join the M23 south heading for Gatwick airport.

From the South: Join the A23 north towards the M23 and London. Get on the M23 and carry on to junction 9. From the southeast take the M20 and head towards London. At junction 3 turn onto the M26 signposted for Heathrow and Gatwick. Join the M25 at J5. From the M25 turn onto the M23 southbound at junction 7.

From the East: Join the M25 from the A13 (Essex), or the M11. Head in the Dartford direction. Stay on the M25 until junction 7. Leave the M25 at junction 7 and head for Gatwick airport.

Directions from the M23
  • Come off at junction 9 and head west towards Gatwick Airport.
  • Carry on along the motorway until you reach a roundabout.
  • Take the first exit, signposted for Gatwick south terminal.
  • Take the second exit on the left, sign-posted Long Stay Car Park.
  • Follow signs for Long Stay South. Bear right until you reach the entrance barrier for Long Stay South car park.


Long Stay South Terminal
Gatwick Airport
West Sussex

Long Stay South Terminal South

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Long Stay South Terminal South

Every thing was fine, easy to find and instructions on where spaces were available and in which sectionm of the car park were also easy to follow. The buses on both departurs and arrival were prompt and the drivers courteous and helpful.

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It couldn't be more convenient

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