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Exeter Airport Parking Information

Exeter Airport Parking

Finding the best car parking… hardly one of life’s more exciting tasks! Which is why we do it for you.
Here at UKACP we bring you the best deals on Exeter Airport parking. You can make great savings of up to 60 per cent, whilst also booking your parking in the easiest and most convenient manner. 

Airport Parking Made Easy

Use the search box to enter your details, such as your arrival and return date, as well as the times. We’ll then show you the best car parking options for you.
Each airport parking result has a small summary with all of the most important details, including price, security features, distance from airport and transfer time. You can order the results based on the most important thing for you. 

Car Parks

Exeter Airport Car Parks

If you're flying from Exeter airport, you'll be glad to know you've got a decent range of car parks to choose from. 
Many of the car parks are long stay and on-site. They offer quick, regular transfers too – the longest being ten minutes, the shortest being just two minutes. Here are a few examples...

On Airport Parking

On Airport Car Parking

Short Stay 1 - Great security features including barrier control, lighting, fencing and CCTV all within walking distance to departures.

Long Stay 2 - Keep your own keys when you've parked. Car park has Park Mark Award and is walking distance to departures.

Long Stay 4 - Totally secure with every security measure in place and has the Park Mark Award. Four minute transfers every ten minutes.

OFF Airport Parking

Off Airport Car Parking

There isn't that much of a selection of car parks off the airport at Exeter. The best of them all is Exeter Grange Park & Fly located just 3 miles from the airport with transfers of 5-10 minutes. Car park has security lighting, fencing and regular manned patrols.

Meet & Greet Parking

Meet & Greet Parking

Some of the car parks are exclusively Meet & Greet, this may sound expensive but before you dismiss it, check out our offers and rates. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how little some of these parking services actually cost.

FlyParks Exeter - Just call the company 20 mins before arriving at the airport to arrange pick up of your car. On your return call them when you've collected your luggage. So simple with no waiting around.

Main Yard Meet & Greet - Drive to Short Stay Car Park P1 where a FlyParks chauffeur will be waiting, he will securely park your car in their compound and you just walk to departures. On your return give them a quick call after collecting your luggage and a driver will have your car waiting for you at the terminal building.


Parking Security

All the car parks have varying security features. Some are very tight on security while others don't tick quite as many boxes but are still secure and represent a value for money parking solution. Read more about the Park Mark Award here.

Hotel with Parking Options

Exeter Airport Hotel with ParkingWe can also arrange great deals on parking at Exeter airport with a hotel stay the night before. This is especially handy if you have a really early flight time or even if you just want to start your holiday a day early! Check out our Exeter hotels with parking page for more information and take a sneaky look at some of the hotel video walkthroughs.

Parking Tips

We’ve got a few handy tips to help you when booking parking at Exeter airport

Consider off-site parking – If you can spare an extra half an hour, one of our off-site parking options will save you a considerable amount of money.

Book early – You’ll get a cracking deal if you book early. Once the parking spaces start to get snapped up, the prices will increase. So don’t wait around!

Print off the confirmation and put it with your passport – No one wants to experience that horror moment when they get to the airport and realise they can’t park their car because they’ve forgotten the confirmation. 

UKACP Airport Information

More Airport Information and Services

Why not take a look at the official Exeter airport website to help you plan your time at the airport. Also take a look at our Exeter Airport page and get the very latest information on things like eating, drinking, wifi, shops and various other airport services.

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You can compare Exeter airport car park prices, locations, transfer times, security features and read customer reviews here. Just a few clicks and you've saved time and money before you've even left the house. Feels good, doesn't it?

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