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Dublin Airport Lounges
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Dublin Airport Lounges

Dublin Airport Lounge InformationSo you get to the airport, it’s busy, noisy and crowded. You can’t find a seat to sit and wait for your flight. Sometimes you’re waiting hours for your flight, which can soon become tiresome. 

Feel like escaping? Book yourself into a tranquil Dublin airport lounge instead.

You’ll be surprised at how little it costs with UKACP to get some peace and quiet!

Executive Lounge at Dublin Airport

VIP Lounges at Dublin AirportThe DDA Executive Lounge at Terminal 1 offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  It doesn’t matter what airline you booked with or how much your ticket cost, you can still book into the airport lounge.

Free Drinks and Snacks - Sit back on the sumptuous sofas and enjoy free snacks, alcohol (limited to 2 per person), soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Free wifi – Catch up with friends, check-in on Facebook, surf the net.

Free entertainment – Read the newspapers and magazine or see what’s on telly.  It’s almost like being at home!

Dedicated Business Centre – Computer access for those who need to catch up with work or send an email.

Take a shower – If you’ve had a long drive or just a stressful day, feel refreshed after using the shower facilities.

Flight announcements - Stay updated, so there’s no chance of you missing your flight.

Children are welcome in the lounge.  And children under 2 then they’re free – making your deal even cheaper!

Opening hours

The lounge is open from 5.00 am to 9.00pm every day of the week.

To get the best deal book through UKACP.  We’ll save you money while making it quick and easy to book.

Group Lounge Bookings 

If you're travelling in a large group of more than seven, please call 0871 360 2750 Quoting Ref: WQ734 to arrange the booking.


Dublin Airport Lounge List

  • Snacks/Food
  • Soft/Alcoholic Drinks
  • Television
  • Flight Announcements
  • Internet / Wifi
  • Phones
  • Disabled Access

Brief Info :
If you don't like missing out on a good deal? Then this lounge isn't to be missed. Enjoy as many free drinks and snacks you like in, the Anna Livia Lounge....


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