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Gatwick Airport Lounge Information

Gatwick Airport Lounges

We all deserve a bit of luxury now and again! And, what better time to indulge than at the start of your vacation? Relax, kick back and enjoy some VIP treatment.
Worried that an executive lounge is going to be too expensive? Don’t be! They actually offer great value for money. You’ll benefit from a whole host of free facilities, as well as complimentary food and drinks. In the end it can actually be the cheaper option. 

Lounges At Gatwick Airport 

Lounges At Gatwick AirportAt Gatwick Airport you so have many different lounges to choose from. In Gatwick's North Terminal there is the Aspire Lounge, My Lounge and No.1 Lounge, whilst there is also a No.1 Lounge and another Aspire Lounge in the South Terminal. All have easy access and can be entered up to 3 hours before you fly!  

Lounge Facilities

All Gatwick Airport lounges offer the following facilities…

Free drinks (alcoholic / hot / soft)

Free snacks/food

Flatscreen TVs



Free Wi-Fi

Flight Information

Pamper Time!

Fancy a massage? The No.1 Lounge takes luxury to a whole new level. Get ready for your holiday with a manicure or relax before your flight with a massage. The lounge spa offers various ten minute and 15-minute treatments, with longer treatments available. Go on… treat yourself!  

It’s All Fun And Games In A Gatwick Lounge

Lounge FacilitiesDo you dread the departure hall experience because you know you are going to be bored out of your mind? We hear you! Luckily, there is plenty to keep you entertained if you book one of the Gatwick Airport lounges. My Lounge has a games room, whilst No.1 Lounge has board games and table football.  

Warning: This Will Make Your Tummy Rumble

Whilst all airport lounges offer free drinks and snacks, No.1 Lounge does stand out when it comes to food. Free hot snacks are available, although limited to one per person. This includes Cinnamon Toast served on a bed of Warm Apple and Pear Compote, as well as Pasta, Spinach and Mushroom topped with a Cheese Sauce and Drizzled with Mushroom Puree.

For an extra charge you can also order cocktails and Champagne from the bar if you want to celebrate your holiday in style. 

Choose The Right Terminal


Before you book, please make sure you pick the lounge that serves your particular terminal. The lounges at Gatwick airport have good disabled and business facilities too.

Want the VIP Treatment?

Look out for lounges that offer luxury bathrooms, valet services, massages, personal shopping and bookable video conferencing.

Group Lounge Bookings 

If you're travelling in a large group of more than seven, please call 0871 360 2750 Quoting Ref: WQ734 to arrange the booking.

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