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Travel Status Updates

Airport Weather UpdatesMost people will make some kind of effort to check on the weather, traffic and flight status before they leave the house for the airport, especially if they have quite a long drive ahead of them.. It just makes sense. This is especially true in winter as obviously the weather effects traffic and even flights.

So we thought we'd help a bit. Not the most earth shattering idea, not competing with the invention of the wheel but a neat little idea which just might make things easier!

How It Works

Flight StatusIf you've booked through UKACP we will send you an email the day before you're due to set off with quick links to The AA, Met Office and to one of our pages which uses FlightStats (a handy little tool which is fantastic for checking up on a flight's status or even the general status of flights at any given UK airport). See our page on Live Flight Information.

Just three simple links which will hopefully help you to get to the information you need a little quicker.

Traffic & The AA

The AA Traffic UpdatesProbably the most important update you'll need will be regarding traffic on your route. The AA is the obvious 'go to' site for this. You can always put up with the bad weather whilst driving to the airport, and we guess you can manage to stop yourselves from going insane at having to wait a few hours because of a flight delay. 

Traffic Jam NightmareHowever, imagine being stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway, you're an hour behind schedule already, the queue doesn't seem to be coming to an end and the kids are getting restless and bored in the back!!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

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