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Tag and TrackTag&Track

Protecting your property 24/7 throughout the whole year and not just when you're on holiday! Imagine all that for less than £10! 

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Travel Woes

Tag&Track ServicesSometimes things get lost. This is a simple fact of life. No matter how careful we are with our belongings, sometimes with the busy lives we lead, mistakes are made and we invariably leave something or other behind when we move from one place to another. Tag&Track are on hand to help..

One of the scariest and most inconvenient scenarios in travel, for example, is where you arrive at your destination, but your luggage doesn’t. Your carefully packed suitcase, containing everything you need for your trip, whether it’s your laptop, your favourite pants, or your best pair of shoes has vanished.Tags from Tag&Track

It’s no wonder we take out travel insurance to cover this but it doesn’t bring back your much-loved items, and with 25.8 million cases lost each year, it’s not only inconvenient, it’s pretty common too.

Technology Terrors

Many of us rely on our phones not just for communication, but also to store private and sensitive details of our lives, and when they go missing, it can be a really distressing thing. Far worse than not being able to contact family, friends and business associates, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, you could lose much more than a few phone numbers. Tablets and laptops are no different. Whether it’s family pictures, or sensitive business information, you’re bound to want to get it back.
These are only two examples of things that can go missing, but in reality the list is endless.
Tag and Track PackLuckily many people do the right thing, and hand in items they’ve found to the local authorities, or police.

However, with so much lost and found property within the country, and indeed the world, how can you make sure your lost items are returned to you once someone hands them in?

The Solution

Tag&track is a fantastic way to ensure you get your belongings returned to you quickly once they've been found. Putting a Tag&Track tag or sticker with a unique reference number on your suitcase, laptop, schoolbag, passport or keys is a quick, easy and secure way to make getting your possessions back to you easy. Lost Keys

There’s no personal information required on the sticker, so, for example,  if your keys are found, your house isn’t at risk. Once tagged and registered with the Tag and Track scheme, your goods are far more likely to be recovered and returned to you – in fact, Tag&Track have a huge 95%+ success rate with locating lost items - and the service doesn’t stop there!


How It WorksTag&Track

As soon as you realise an item is lost, you can contact the multilingual, multi-talented team at Tag&Track (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) who will then go about finding your essential items. You can contact them via phone, text or online message, and they will liaise with ground handling facilities, airlines, local lost property departments, rail staff, taxis, shopping centre or wherever else you think you might have lost your possessions.
Not only does this save you hours of looking up numbers and fruitlessly trying to explain the situation, perhaps even across a language barrier, but it will likely save you a ton of money in international phone calls. (This is especially handy if it’s your phone that is missing!)
The Tag&Track team will keep you updated on the progress of your missing item’s recovery, and they will, once found, arrange a place to collect or arrange a delivery to you, to ensure that you’re soon reunited with your lost item.
Lost WalletThe service costs under £10 for the whole year and covers as many trips as you like, and when you consider the cost of your lost items, both for sentimental value, and monetary too, it’s a cost well worth paying.

With so much help to return your items, you’re sure to feel more secure when out and about, so why not protect your most important possessions with Tag&Track today?

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Tag&Track - A Must For All Travellers!

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