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Airport Lounges

Save on luxury at the airport with a wide selection of VIP airport lounges. Look out for those lounges which offer that bit extra such as spa treatments, games room or even a private shopper!

Airport Lounges : Relax In Style

UK Airport Lounges

Ever been in an airport departures hall and had a few drinks, something to eat, maybe a coffee and got a newspaper or magazine, then tried to find somewhere to sit, looked in your wallet and thought where did that £20 go?

Then just imagine those times when the departure terminal is really busy, you get jostled around, it's noisy and really not a place to relax before you fly.

Lounge InfoJust select the airport you're interested in from the list further down the page and find out what lounges they have and what facilties they offer. In most cases there will be a video you can view, a sort of walkthrough of the lounge.

Lounges Not Just for VIPs

Don't let the fact that you're not flying first or business class stop you taking advantage of an executive lounge and finding yourself sat on a sumptious sofa looking out at the airport with everything from drinks to food on tap. 

You never know you may even save a few quid, especially when you consider that you can enter a vip airport lounge up to three hours before your flight.

UK Airport VIP Lounges

Lounge Facilities

Airport lounges offer a true oasis from those crowded departure halls. From as little as £14.95 you'll get all drinks (alcoholic / soft / hot), snacks / food, TV entertainment, newspapers and magazines alll in relaxing, quiet and comfortable surroundings.

Extra Special Lounge Facilities & Services

Some UK airport lounges offer those extra special facilities such as private bedrooms, spa facilities, movie library, games roommassages, luxury bathrooms and a personal shopping service to name but a few! 

Keep an eye out on our site for these extra special lounge facilities to make the start of your holiday even better!

Take a look at our Guide to UK Airport Lounges page to get the low-down on what you can expect from an airport lounge and what it might cost you.

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