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Manchester Airport Lounges
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Manchester Airport Lounge Information

Manchester Airport Lounges

Do you grin and bear the hustle and bustle of the airport departure hall?
Did you know that you could check into an airport lounge instead?
A lot of people don’t consider this option because they assume they will have to break the bank for a bit of VIP treatment. We hear you! But, airport lounges are actually great value for money. Especially with the free drinks, snacks and entertainment options! 

Lounges At Manchester Airport 

Lounges At Manchester AirportManchester airport is always busy! If a packed departure lounge sounds like your idea of hell, don’t worry, as you’ve got plenty of executive lounges to choose from. See our complete list of lounges at Manchester airport. In the meantime here’s four of them… 

Aspire Lounge (Terminal 1) 


Entertainment In the Aspire LoungeThe Aspire Lounge is a contemporary and comfortable setting, with plenty to keep you busy. Want to keep your children occupied before the flight? There is a play area with e-books and a TV. As for you, you can watch television, browse the Internet and enjoy free drinks and snacks. 

Escape Lounge (Terminal 1) 


Facilities In The Escape LoungeThe Escape Lounge really is something else! It’s split into five sections…

The Deli Bar and Restaurant - Pretty self-explanatory this one!

The Hub – A place to unwind. Read a book, have a snooze.

The Study – A business and meeting area.

The Snug – Peaceful setting with cosy seats.

The Attic – Game area kitted out with Nintendo Wiis. 

Styal Servisair Executive Lounge (Terminal 2) 


Facilities In The Styal Servisair LoungeRelax, be entertained, catch up on some business emails… the choice is yours. The Styal Servisair Lounge has plenty to keep you busy, with an assortment of free drinks and snacks as well. 

Escape Lounge (Terminal 3)


WiFi In The Escape LoungeWatch television, update your Facebook status using the free wifi, read a magazine… there are many ways to pass the time in the Escape Lounge at terminal 3. If you’re feeling hungry you can upgrade from light snacks to a tasty meal, with the likes of steak and spag bol on offer! 

General Lounge Info

All lounges have free Wi-Fi, flight info screens, televisions and disabled access. Children need to be over the age of six to enter the Escape Lounges, whilst all ages are permitted to use the other two executive lounges at Manchester Airport. 

Want the VIP treatment at Manchester airport?


Look out for lounges that offer luxury bathrooms, valet services, massages, personal shopping and bookable video conferencing.

Group Lounge Bookings 

If you're travelling in a group of more than seven, please call 0871 360 2750 Quoting Ref: WQ734 to arrange the booking.


Customer Reviews


Escape Lounge (Terminal 3)

Very nice inside, quiet and plenty of food and drinks available. Good start to our holiday.

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