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Newcastle Airport Lounges
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Newcastle Airport Lounge Information

Newcastle Airport Lounges

Some people view the departure hall as a place to shop ‘til they drop. For other people it is a noisy and crowded nightmare. If you can’t handle the hustle and bustle, you should think about checking into an airport lounge.

Why Choose an Airport Lounge

You’ll enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere

It’s way less crowded and so much more comfortable

Free snacks/food and drinks will be on offer

You will have plenty of facilities to keep you entertained

You’ll get a better view of the runway
You’re probably thinking ‘sounds great, but where’s the catch?’ A lot of people assume executive lounges are going to be expensive. But that’s not the case! They actually offer great value for money. 

Lounges At Newcastle Airport 

Lounges At Newcastle AirportAt Newcastle Airport you can check into the Aspire Lounge prior to your flight. There is also the Aspire Plus Lounge, which is basically a VIP version. 

Aspire Lounge


The Aspire Lounge is ideal for all travellers. Fancy having a snooze before your journey? No problem, head to the Quiet Zone. Maybe you’re looking for ways to keep entertained?

WiFi In The Aspire LoungeThere are family booths, all of which have Smart TVs, as well as free Wi-Fi and workspaces. The lounge also has a good selection of snacks and drinks for you to tuck into. 

Aspire Plus Lounge


Aspire Plus LoungeSo, what makes the Aspire Plus Lounge better? Well, there is a whisky bar for one! However, we’d say the private single-space snoozepods are the real attraction. You can relax in your own pod whilst watching TV or you can have a sleep whilst your phone or tablet charges in one of the power points.
All Newcastle Airport lounges have a smart casual dress code in place. So, save your shorts and flip-flops for when you get to your new destination.
Book an airport lounge today to start your vacation or business trip in style. 

Group Lounge Bookings 

If you're travelling in a group of more than seven, please call 0871 360 2750 Quoting Ref: WQ734 to arrange the booking.

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